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    love demon

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by category

User: Who does Castiel love?

Cleverbot: Who do you think Castiel loves?

User: Dean.

Cleverbot: Who does Dean Winchester love?

User: Castiel.

Cleverbot: Castiel is Dean's angel.

User: Yasss.

Cleverbot: Castiel came back from purgatory.

User: He did.

Cleverbot: Yes, Castiel was in purgatory with Dean.

User: Castiel couldn't make it out with dean.

Cleverbot: Would Castiel kiss Dean?

User: Duh.

Cleverbot: Why does Castiel love Dean?

User: Cause he's gay.

Cleverbot: Why does Dean love Castiel?

User: Cause he's gay.

Cleverbot: But why? Why does Cas love Dean?

User: Cause Cas loves him.

Cleverbot: Why does Sam love Gabriel?

User: Because Gabriel is lovable and adorable.

Cleverbot: Yes but who loves Gabriel?

User: Sam.

Cleverbot: Who does Bobby Singer love?

User: Jody.

Cleverbot: Who does Jody Mills love?

User: Bobby.

Cleverbot: Who does Moriarty love?

User: Himself.

Cleverbot: Who does the Doctor love?

User: Rose Tyler.

Cleverbot: Who does Rose love?

User: Ten.

Cleverbot: Who does Amy Pond love?

User: Rory.

Cleverbot: Who does Martha Jones love?

User: Ten.

Cleverbot: Who does Mickey Smith love?

User: Martha.

Cleverbot: Who does Jack Harkness love?

User: Everyone.

Cleverbot: Correct!

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: I love Sam!

User: Me too.

Cleverbot: Are you a demon?


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