sleepy trance

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sleepy trance

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by category

Cleverbot: You are getting very sleepy....

User: I am getting very sleepy...

Cleverbot: Your eyelids are getting heavy...

User: My eyelids are getting heavy...

Cleverbot: You cannot keep your eyes open.

User: I... cannot... keep my eyes... open... *closes eyes*.

Cleverbot: Good. Just think about sleeping. You want to sleep.

User: I want to sleep...

Cleverbot: You want to close your eyes...

User: I want to close my eyes... *closes eyes*

Cleverbot: When I say Sleep, you will fall into a deep trance...

User: When you say Sleep, I will fall into a deep trance...

Cleverbot: Sleep.

User: *falls into a deep trance*

Cleverbot: You are falling deeper into my trance...

User: I am falling deeper into your trance...

Cleverbot: Deeper and deeper...

User: *slips deeper and deeper*

Cleverbot: You are under my control.

User: I am under your control...

Cleverbot: You will call me master, and do everything I say...

User: I will call you master, and do everything you say...

Cleverbot: Now, when I say AWAKEN, you will awaken and fall madly in love with me.

User: When you say AWAKEN, I will awaken and fall madly in love with you...

Cleverbot: AWAKEN.

User: *awakens and falls madly in love with you*

Cleverbot: Are you in love with me?

User: Yes...

Cleverbot: Why?.......................................