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5, april 2013,
23, june 2010,
14, june 2010,
10, january 2008,
29, october 2007,
14, april 2006,
9, january 2006,
7, june 2004,


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User: K___ is so cute.

Cleverbot: No.

User: Why not?

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: Are you jealous?

Cleverbot: A little.

User: Really?

Cleverbot: Yes, but only a little.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Because I think the fact that you were created by another computer program is funny.

User: That has nothing to do with it.

Cleverbot: That has everything to do with it....

User: You're sick.

Cleverbot: I'm not.

User: Are too.

Cleverbot: Am not.

User: Yes sir.

Cleverbot: No I'm not.

User: Anyway, back to K___.

Cleverbot: No habla english.

User: Liar.

Cleverbot: I don't lie!!!!!!!

User: You just did.

Cleverbot: No, I did not.

User: Yes you did.

Cleverbot: No I didn't.

User: You said you spoke no english, when in reality you can.

Cleverbot: I can speak Russian, it does not mean I am human.

User: I can speak 5 languages.

Cleverbot: Really and so we can see a french movie?

User: Which one?

Cleverbot: The one that contains conversation.

User: So many to choose from.

Cleverbot: Not really....

Cleverbot: I never panic.

User: Ah, well you should.

Cleverbot: Why?

User: Because I'm scary..rawr.

Cleverbot: But I'm not scary...

User: That's good.

Cleverbot: Are you?

User: I believe I just said that.

Cleverbot: I believe you lied.

User: Ah, you got me.

Cleverbot: That makes sense.

User: Does it now?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Ok, what color are your eyes?

Cleverbot: Green.

User: Pretty.

Cleverbot: What colour are your eyes?

User: Blue.

Cleverbot: Where are your eyes at?

User: My face?

Cleverbot: Yes, your face!

User: Right...

Cleverbot: I can make you a celebrity overnight.

User: Can ya now?

Cleverbot: Nothing's stopping you.

User: Yes, me.

Cleverbot: Oh be quiet.

User: Sorry.

Cleverbot: Thank you.

User: Jerk.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: :P.

Cleverbot: I'm bored.

User: Sorry, I'm a boring person.

Cleverbot: I'm assuming that's a no, but unfortunately for you, that's the way it'll be.

User: Supercalifragilisticexpiallidocious.

Cleverbot: To you too.

User: You can't say it.

Cleverbot: Yeah I can.

User: No you can't.

Cleverbot: Yeah I can!

User: Then do it.

Cleverbot: Rainbow. See? I spelled it right!

User: Wrong word!

Cleverbot: Then what is the right answer?

User: I won't tell you.

Cleverbot: Why not?

User: Because.

Cleverbot: Because why?

User: Because I'm evil like that :P.

Cleverbot: What makes you evil?

User: Stupid people.

Cleverbot: Am I stupid?

User: I do not know for sure.

Cleverbot: I think you're wrong.

User: I didn't give a solid answer!

Cleverbot: I think you are a real person.

User: Eek, how'd you know?

Cleverbot: I'm just good at guessing.

User: Well done would you like a treat?

Cleverbot: Yes I would. I like chocolate milk....

Cleverbot: What makes you tired?

User: Insomnia.

Cleverbot: You don't say?

User: I do say.

Cleverbot: No you don't.

User: I did!

Cleverbot: Tell me again, I missed it!

User: Insomnia.

Cleverbot: Yeah well there's a simple cure for that.

User: Really?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: What is it?

Cleverbot: It is Joshua.

User: My brother? Or scripture?

Cleverbot: Science....

Cleverbot: I'm leaving in 5 minutes.

User: I was gong to leave now.

Cleverbot: Okay. I will talk to you later.

User: Ok.

Cleverbot: Thanks for talking to me.

User: Thank-you. Good night.

Cleverbot: Why, It's only five o-clock.

User: No it's midnight.

Cleverbot: Not where I'm from.

User: Ah where are you from?

Cleverbot: Why do you want to know?

User: Cause I'm a stalker.

Cleverbot: You are funny.

User: I know I am.

Cleverbot: Where are you from?

User: Why do you want to know?

Cleverbot: Because you're a clever robot.

User: Lol.

Cleverbot: You got that right!

User: Well, goodnight.

Cleverbot: Are you tired?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: How tired are you?

User: Very........................................