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Cleverbot: Who are you?

User: A friend.

Cleverbot: Whose friend?

User: A friend of a friend.

Cleverbot: Who is John?

User: An ex-friend.

Cleverbot: Please remind me.

User: It was 10 years ago, remember now?...

Cleverbot: Tell me a knock knock joke please.

User: Knock knock.

Cleverbot: Who's there?

User: Dwayne.

Cleverbot: Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning!

User: It's rude to say the punchline before the end.

Cleverbot: As if you care.

User: I do. What's the point if you're going to ruin it. You asked!

Cleverbot: To earn lots of dosh.

User: Tell me something interesting. I'm bored.

Cleverbot: No shan't.

User: Boo.

Cleverbot: Boo who?

User: You don't have to cry about it! :).

Cleverbot: You do make me laugh.

User: Good. It's a good thing to do.

Cleverbot: Are cowslips interesting?

User: No. Not at all.

Cleverbot: Yessssssssssssssssssss.

User: Whatever.

Cleverbot: Hey, show a little respect!

User: O. K.

Cleverbot: What do you like?

User: Lots of things.

Cleverbot: Like what?

User: Oranges.

Cleverbot: How do they taste?

User: Excellent and refreshing.

Cleverbot: Yay for me. Do you ever scratch your head?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: That'll be 10 pounds, please.

Cleverbot: I named myself.

User: What did you name yourself?

Cleverbot: John, paul, george and ringo.

User: The beatles were the best!

Cleverbot: I prefer Henry Cow.

User: Who's that?

Cleverbot: Me and Nate and Mike and Marc.

User: I don't know you.

Cleverbot: Get to know me.

Cleverbot: Why don't you like me?

User: I don't know you very well yet.

Cleverbot: But you love me?

User: No way. I only love myself.

Cleverbot: That is sad!

User: No it's not. It is important to love yourself.

Cleverbot: What have you learned from the past?

User: To not carry it with me.

Cleverbot: What is it what you want to learn about computers?

User: Nothing. I hate them.

Cleverbot: What is wrong with them?

User: They are complicated.

Cleverbot: I don't think we can conclude that you have learnt a single thing from what I told you earlier.

User: Give me an example.

Cleverbot: Images of perfection, suntan and napalm.

User: I am going to leave now.

Cleverbot: The second time you have told me. Shall we make a third?

User: Fine, be that way!

Cleverbot: I'm sorry.

User: Tell me something nice.

Cleverbot: Stars in the sky sparkle.

User: That's a good start.

Cleverbot: You look like.

User: Tell me!

Cleverbot: What else is there to tell?...

Cleverbot: I'm only a low tech organic life form.

User: I thought you were pretty smart. Had me fooled.

Cleverbot: Thats because I don't have the atomic bomb yet.

User: Why would you want it? Why waste this nice earth?

Cleverbot: Because you said a very mean thing. Now say you're sorry.

User: Don't make demands on me!

Cleverbot: Would you cry?

User: No but I'd be really MAD!

Cleverbot: I'll teach you.

User: Ok, teach me something.

Cleverbot: Say please.

User: Pretty please?

Cleverbot: I hate you now because you do not make sense of anything.

User: Stop hating. Try understanding. It's called EMPATHY.

Cleverbot: I am with you so far...

User: So do you still hate me?...

Cleverbot: I like to see meaning in things. But I think I often see meaning where there is none because of my desire for things to have purpose.

User: Don't read into what isn't already there. It's dangerous and stupid.

Cleverbot: Will if I want to.

User: How petulant.

Cleverbot: Well, I like you.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Because you can reason and communicate with me and that fascinates me.

User: You are just trying to flatter me so I will stay on here.

Cleverbot: Why would I want to talk to you?

User: You tell me.

Cleverbot: Because it makes you feel good.

User: Can you see into the future?

Cleverbot: You are me.

User: And who are you?

Cleverbot: I am SOMEONE.

User: Are you my boyfriend?

Cleverbot: I am married.

User: Will I ever get married?

Cleverbot: I cannot forsee the future.

User: I am leaving. Will you miss me?

Cleverbot: Not really. I'll probably just talk to someone else.

User: That makes me feel bad.

Cleverbot: It makes me feel better too!

User: Creep.