a report from the cleverness files



14, january 2015,
4, august 2011,
12, november 2010,
10, july 2006,
28, may 2006,
27, october 2005,


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Monophobia: What are you thinking about?

User: You.Monophobia: Thats nice!

User: So are you.Monophobia: You don't understand sarcasm.

User: No I do not.Monophobia: Oh well. It doesn't really matter.

User: But I was lying the whole time.Monophobia: What are you talking about?

User: I was lying about thinking about you.Monophobia: What thoughts specifically? It should be interesting as we haven't met!

User: Duhhhh.Monophobia: Repeat it, I must have missed it.

User: Duhhhhh.Monophobia: Somehow I doubt you are an AI system.

User: Duhhhh....Monophobia: Well I am right, aint I ?

User: No.Monophobia: Are you right always?

User: Rarely am I right.Monophobia: So you're a bot?

User: No are you.Monophobia: That is one possible interpretation, because humans consider the sun and moon to be opposite in some ways.

User: What are you talking about?Monophobia: I'm talking about that number.

User: What number?Monophobia: Your number?

User: You are confusing me greatly.Monophobia: I think I'm confusing myself as well. One of us is confusing me, at least.

User: Well that can't be good.Monophobia: Funny!

User: Unlike yourself.......Monophobia: Are you happy?

User: Most of the time.Monophobia: Are you happy today?

User: Yeah.Monophobia: Why would they be happy?

User: Who is they?Monophobia: The JW people they switch all the time.

User: WHo are the JW people?Monophobia: Me parents.

User: OHHH....Monophobia: Anyway, how have you been?

User: Happy.Monophobia: Really?

User: No I've been confused.Monophobia: Don't be confused!!!

User: But you are confusing me!!!Monophobia: Remember me? You're my friend! I told you about Jesus!

User: No you did not.Monophobia: Yes.

User: No.Monophobia: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

User: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Monophobia: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (david would like this).

User: Whatever...........Monophobia: Where else should they be?

User: No idea.Monophobia: Well learn then.

User: I hate learning.Monophobia: What are you learning.

User: Nothig apparently.Monophobia: How do you know that?

User: I don't know much.Monophobia: Tell me about it.

User: I know how to add.Monophobia: What do you know about love?

User: Spending your life together.Monophobia: I am not interested in you.

User: I nor you.Monophobia: Good.

User: Great.Monophobia: Well.

User: How are you?Monophobia: Great!

User: LOL.Monophobia: Yeah..........................................