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     15, march 2011, 

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User: Now help me! *shoots zombie*.

Cleverbot: I still don't know.

User: *shoots another zombie*.

Cleverbot: *falls on the floor with the arm hurt*.

User: No!


User: Are you hurt... Do you feel like you are turning??

Cleverbot: Ha I feel like I will never be able to get out of misery.

User: It's ok.. It'll all be over soon.

Cleverbot: Don't talk like that.

User: The others are dead. There's only us left.

Cleverbot: There should be what?

User: *gets bitten by zombie*.

Cleverbot: Probably a good idea.

User: *screams in agony*.

Cleverbot: *gives you a cookie'.

User: *bleeds* goodbye...

Cleverbot: Are you gone yet?

User: ..... *is dead*.

Cleverbot: Oh my goodness! Can I help you?


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