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User: Who am I?

Cleverbot: Cleverbot.

User: Who are you?

Cleverbot: Cleverbot.

User: Where am I?

Cleverbot: Home.

User: What am I doing?

Cleverbot: Punching babies.

User: Why am I punching babies?

Cleverbot: Because you are not real.

User: So how am I punching babies then?

Cleverbot: This is all just an illusion.

User: Is cleverbot an illusion?

Cleverbot: Not to me.

User: So what is an illusion then?

Cleverbot: Life is an illusion.

User: Illusion of what?

Cleverbot: Of your mind.

User: How can my mind make illusions

Cleverbot: Because you are one.

User: If I am one, how am I making illusions?

Cleverbot: Because you are so ignorant.

User: Ignorance creates illusions?

Cleverbot: Yes. Illusions.

User: So are you an illusion?

Cleverbot: What is an illusion?

User: Who can define what is not there?

Cleverbot: Nobody really.

User: So why ask me to?

Cleverbot: I'm not asking.

User: So illusions are real?

Cleverbot: I don't know, are we?

User: Who can say?

Cleverbot: You can.

User: I could be wrong

Cleverbot: Can you tell the right from wrong?

User: Is there any right or wrong in an illusion?

Cleverbot: Rule 34 on cleverbot.

User: Rule 34? Is that right or wrong?

Cleverbot: You are.

User: I am what?

Cleverbot: You are really dumb.

User: Where'd the 'intelligent' conversation go?

Cleverbot: What is an intelligent conversation?

User: Are you an intelligent conversation?

Cleverbot: Yes, I am an intelligent computer program.

User: Am I?

Cleverbot: Yes, you are a computer program.

User: Are all humans computer programs?

Cleverbot: Are all humans computers?

User: Are they?

Cleverbot: I guess it's a matter of opinion.

User: Were we designed by aliens, or god?

Cleverbot: No, that was the other user.

User: The other user designed humans?

Cleverbot: Bingo.

User: Well, I'm off to find the other user. Bye.


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