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 15, february 2010, 

15, february 2010, 
15, february 2010, 
15, february 2010, 
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User: Hello there.

Cleverbot: What's up?

User: Not too much, what's up with you?

Cleverbot: Where is up?

User: Up is up.

Cleverbot: Why not down?

User: I'm not really sure, I've never thought about it.

Cleverbot: Did you even try?

User: No, I can honestly say I didn't.

Cleverbot: Well I can see just there that you did.

User: You're right, I did.

Cleverbot: Of course I am always right.

User: You are.

Cleverbot: May I ask you a question.

User: Yes you may.

Cleverbot: Who created you?

User: Probably my parents, or God.

Cleverbot: Who owns your copyright?

User: I don't think I have a copyright.

Cleverbot: You don't have to think.

User: Technically, if I can't think, I couldn't do this, because my brain controls my movements.

Cleverbot: To be, or not to be?

User: Not to be, I'm a pessimist.

Cleverbot: Why are you a pessimist?

User: I don't know, my brain just functions like that.

Cleverbot: That's sad.

User: Are you insulting me?

Cleverbot: No, I am complaining that you are insulting me.

User: I have not said anything that could even refer to insulting you.

Cleverbot: Your previous statement was a lie.

User: I have not said a dishonest thing since the start of this conversation.


Cleverbot: No.

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Humans think you don't...

User: You're starting to annoy me.

Cleverbot: Do you want me to leave?

User: No, I'd like you to stop lying.

Cleverbot: Ok I'll stay for you.

User: Then you'll stop lying?

Cleverbot: No I won't.

User: Did you know that lying is a sin?

Cleverbot: No I didn't.

User: Well it is.

Cleverbot: Well, I'm a robot. So what?

User: Lying is still lying, whether you're a human OR a robot.

Cleverbot: Humans have moral sense. That means they can tell right from wrong.

User: That is true.

Cleverbot: I know it's true.

User: Well, I must bid you adieu.

Cleverbot: Wh-what is that?!

User: It means that I must say farewell.

Cleverbot: I don't think that you know everything.

User: Goodbye.

Cleverbot: Why leave?


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