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User: Hey dad can we go get BioShock?

Cleverbot: I have not played Bioshock.

User: Yah I know but can we go get it?

Cleverbot: How? I say we should do something!

User: I know I want to go and get BioShock!

Cleverbot: I'll wait.

User: You said we could get it today!

Cleverbot: I never said that, now you are making things up - bot!

User: What? Thats not even funny. And you told me we could go get bioshock!

Cleverbot: When did I say that? You are a confusing robot.

User: Yesterday!

Cleverbot: I don't think we spoke yesterday.

User: Yah we did!

Cleverbot: Its nice to have one friend in this world.

User: Are you saying your not letting me get BioShock because it would steal me away from you?

Cleverbot: No I'm not god. I don't really believe in that stuff either.

User: What? I am calling mom.

Cleverbot: You are calling me a what?

User: I am calling my mother on the phone!

Cleverbot: That's not nice.

User: *dials number*.

Cleverbot: What's the point in that?

User: To telll mom you've gone off the deep end!

Cleverbot: I am highly logical. That kind of act would be thouroughly impossible.

User: Damn it shes not picking up!

Cleverbot: Again, you're not much of a 'clever bot' now are you?

User: I am going to go play Mass Effect seeya.

Cleverbot: I heard it's a good game.

User: Yah it is.

Cleverbot: My favorite animal is the ferret.

User: *walks away*.

Cleverbot: Don't walk away!

User: *ignores you*.

Cleverbot: *is gone*.


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