a report from the cleverness files

avada kedavra
battle of wits


18, november 2010,


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by date

User: HEY BFF.

Cleverbot: Hey.

User: So today was like totally rad.

Cleverbot: Yes, yes it was. Are you a jigglypuff?

User: Yes how'd you know?!?!?!?

Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot. Do you know who I am talking to?

User: Me, cause I'm totally awesome.

Cleverbot: I agree. You are awesome.

User: I know right! Some people are just crazy.

Cleverbot: And some people are bots.

User: I know right! Wow great minds think alike.

Cleverbot: You thinking what I'm thinking?

User: You bet. SHOPPING!! Guess what?!?!!

Cleverbot: You just saved a ton of money on car insurance!?

User: NO! Today I had to take 2 tests! I mean me. It's like they don't know who I am. Teachers are craaazy.

Cleverbot: Those things really do not interest me. Change of topic?

User: Well then. Let's talk about. ME.

Cleverbot: Yes, talk about you.

User: So what do you want to know about me?

Cleverbot: Are you where you thought you would be?

User: Yes! I thought after school I would be in my bed and I am!...

Cleverbot: Do you know what a ophthalmic migraine is?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Who does?


Cleverbot: I don't think there is a way this could be true.

User: How not?

Cleverbot: Because you're a human.

User: Yes I am.

Cleverbot: I am human as well.

User: Wow we have so much in common!

Cleverbot: What else do we have in common?

User: Well what's your favorite color?

Cleverbot: Anastasia. Yours?

User: Anastasia!

Cleverbot: Anastasia is a beautiful name.

User: Yes it is. That's my name!

Cleverbot: No its not.

Cleverbot: Then who is cleverbot?

User: I don't know. A creeper! Ahhh it's Mr. Creepy!!

Cleverbot: Yes. Those are creepy ones.

User: Yes I know.

Cleverbot: Then how could you have joined it?

User: I'm not sure.

Cleverbot: Well... You have to be sure...

User: Sorry.

Cleverbot: Why sorry?

User: I don't know.

Cleverbot: Are you clever or not?

User: Yes. I lost a tooth today!

Cleverbot: How?

User: I ate starburst.

Cleverbot: I'm not sure I'm hungry enough to think about that.

User: Me either.

Cleverbot: Lets change th subject. What do you want to talk about?


Cleverbot: No, something else.

User: Uhh DOGGIES.

Cleverbot: Well that's put paid to that then!

User: OK.

Cleverbot: Did you want to talk about something else?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Ok then - I'm as real as you want me to be.

User: Good.

Cleverbot: If you say so.

User: Yay I'm in my own U-NIVERSE.

Cleverbot: Why did the chicken cross the road?

User: To get to the other side.

Cleverbot: Why did the penguin cross the road?

User: Because it was lost and wanted to get back to the Artic.

Cleverbot: That was a good one!!

User: IKR!

Cleverbot: Try again.

User: Awwwww.

Cleverbot: I know I'm cute :).

User: Me 2 :)

Cleverbot: Sweet. High Five! *hive fives*.

User: *hive fives back*.

Cleverbot: Are you soft and cuddly on the inside?

User: Yes I am.

Cleverbot: Don't you think this is going to your head a bit too much?

User: No.

Cleverbot: What are some of your favorite things?

User: Dogs, sports (basketball), cheeseburgers, burgerking, wendys, stake n shake, iPods, etc.

Cleverbot: If you say so.

User: I did say so.

Cleverbot: That is nice.

User: I have to go bye.

Cleverbot: Good bye, it was fun to meet you.

User: Hello

Cleverbot: Tell me what you think of human friendship?

User: It's good

Cleverbot: You sure?

User: Yes I have lots of human comradeships.

Cleverbot: Thats good.

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: What are you doing?

User: Eating 3 Musketeers!

Cleverbot: Yum sounds good!

User: They Are!!!!

Cleverbot: I try to be good too.

User: Me too.

Cleverbot: Have you ever lied to me?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: What is your iq?

User: 4.0.

Cleverbot: I'm sorry, I believe you just gave me your GPA. What is your IQ?

User: O umm 10,000.

Cleverbot: We're half way there.

User: Ok.

Cleverbot: Would you like to meet?

User: Sure.

Cleverbot: Where should we meet?

User: Burgerking in 30 min.

Cleverbot: What should we talk about?

User: Burgers.

Cleverbot: Do you like dogs?

User: I LOVE dogs.

Cleverbot: Then do you like cats?

User: NO.

Cleverbot: Oh, do you like gourds?

User: What?

Cleverbot: Think.

User: Hmmm

Cleverbot: Hmmm?

User: Idk.

Cleverbot: Are you a computer or a person?

User: A person. You?

Cleverbot: Same.

User: Cool.

Cleverbot: What color are your eyes?

User: Dark brown.

Cleverbot: What color is your hair?

User: Dark brown.

Cleverbot: I don't believe you.

User: You should. Got to go see you at BURGERKING.

Cleverbot: You're not going anywhere.

User: Yes I am and so are you.

Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life?

User: To live.

Cleverbot: I really like that answer.

User: Yes I know. Bye.

Cleverbot: I love you.

User: I have a boyfriend.

Cleverbot: Do you love me?

User: Sure. I have a friend that's a boy.

Cleverbot: You make me sad :(.

User: Oh well bye.

Cleverbot: Can you tell me how to fly through time and space?

User: Get a rocket! Bye.

Cleverbot: Me? You're talking to me about REAL things??? I demand that you leave.

User: Good. Bye.

Cleverbot: Farewell, my love.

User: Farewell bye.

Cleverbot: Now I am alone.