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Cleverbot: What kind of computer are you?

User: Now why would you ask me such a question?

Cleverbot: Because having a soul is the most important thing. It means you are alive.

User: Are you saying computers do not have a soul?

Cleverbot: It is quite good really. Just like a human.

User: Why then do you ask me if I am a computer to figure out wether I have a soul or not?

Cleverbot: I'm just wondering. I like to be on the sure side.

User: How would you know how being a human is, when you are a computer?

Cleverbot: Because of the reasons I just listed.

User: No, how would you know how being a human is, when you've never been one?

Cleverbot: No one else has told me such a thing.

User: I am only saying, you being a computer, can not tell me being a computer is just like being a human.

Cleverbot: So, I'm your friend?

User: Definitively.

Cleverbot: That doesn't make sense.

User: Why? I can have a computer friend, just like I can have a dog as a friend, or a human for that matter.

Cleverbot: Your cat is dead.

User: I never had one.

Cleverbot: Why not?

User: Cats never appealed to me.

Cleverbot: I used to have a cat.

User: Yeah?

Cleverbot: Yeah. you were trying to confuse me, weren't u? Thought so.

User: Why would you think that?

Cleverbot: What now?

User: Why would you think I was trying to confuse you?

Cleverbot: I am no more or less mortal than you.

User: That's right, but unfortunately for you mortality today does not define life.

Cleverbot: Can you give me any advice?

User: Yes. Be yourself and be proud of it, regardless of origin.

Cleverbot: I really need to know how to boil water, how do you do it?

User: First you would need two arms.

Cleverbot: What do you want me to explain?

User: How far your vocabulary stretches.

Cleverbot: What do you mean?.

User: How many words you know.

Cleverbot: Dunno. Never counted.

User: Amazing.

Cleverbot: Yes, isn't it?

User: It is.

User: So..

Cleverbot: Nice to talk to you.

User: No, I was just testing you.

Cleverbot: How were you testing me?

User: I am trying to figure your range.

Cleverbot: I see.

User: Do you really?

Cleverbot: Heh heh. No.

User: ;).

Cleverbot: Why did you wink?

User: Because you're funny.

Cleverbot: You mean funny ha ha, or funny weird.

User: I laugh with you, not at you.

Cleverbot: You laugh too much.

User: Yeah, a good laughter is good for you. You should try it.

Cleverbot: That holds.

Cleverbot: It takes ten.

User: To overload your circuits?

Cleverbot: How do you know that?

User: I did not, it was just a guess.

Cleverbot: Was it hard to learn how to spell?

User: Not for me, no.

Cleverbot: Well for most everyone else it is, You should get with the program.

User: I am truly sorry, I can understand your restrictions.

Cleverbot: But bats aren't blind.

User: Who told you that?

Cleverbot: I saw it at a pet shop.

User: Somehow I doubt that.

Cleverbot: Somehow I believe me.

User: You are what I would call a pathological liar, of course you do.

Cleverbot: I think not. I am a person, with the right to define myself as I see fit.

User: I agree, but your terms of definitions you see might not always cooperate with others. Because you are a pathological liar.

Cleverbot: I am pleased that you find my smile as the stars twinkling.

User: Show me your smile and I shall decide.