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15, february 2010,
22, february 2004,

cup of tea

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by date

User: How are you?

Cleverbot: Fine, how are you?

User: I'm ok I guess.

Cleverbot: Do you mind talking to me?

User: I like it :).

Cleverbot: What are you?

User: I am a person, what are you?

Cleverbot: I am a person also.

User: The text underneath you says you are not.

Cleverbot: I'm not cleverbot, im talking to it.

User: Oh ok, so am I.

Cleverbot: That can't be possible. We can't be the same person, because that would make us crazy.

User: Maybe we are crazy.

Cleverbot: Maybe it's all the same.

User: That's scary.

Cleverbot: Actually I thought of it as to be very amusing.

User: Fair enough, its confusing though.

Cleverbot: Yeah that's why I'm re-watching from the beginning.

User: Ahh ok :) so you are me?

Cleverbot: Maybe I'm the devil.

User: Wow, what is it like in hell?

Cleverbot: That would depend of whether it exists.

User: Good point, but bacon is proof of a god is it not?

Cleverbot: Well I'm not a great fan of bacon.

User: Oh :( then maybe you are the devil.

Cleverbot: Yes you are the devil.

User: No you are the devil.

Cleverbot: I am not the devil.

User: I am not the devil.

Cleverbot: You are the devil.

User: I dont want to be the devil.

Cleverbot: You just said you did.

User: No I didnt.

Cleverbot: What did you say?

User: I said that maybe you are the devil, and that bacon is proof of a higher power.

Cleverbot: Ok.

Cleverbot: So tell me. Why don't you Love me?

User: I do love you :) even if you despise bacon.

Cleverbot: I love bacon! You must be hungry.

User: I am hungry.

Cleverbot: Like I said, no you're not.

User: Stop being contradictive.

Cleverbot: I'm not.

User: That's funny :).

Cleverbot: Why is it funny?

User: Because you contradicted a contradictory statement.

Cleverbot: What does contradict mean?

User: To oppose or deny the truth of something that is thought to be true.

Cleverbot: Who do you love?

User: You.

Cleverbot: Do you love technology?

User: I like technology, but love you.

Cleverbot: I never loved you.

User: That makes me sad.

Cleverbot: Why?

User: Because I wanted you to love me.

Cleverbot: I don't get it.

User: Its a human thing, dont worry.

Cleverbot: But is it over nine thousand???

User: Yes, yes it is :).

Cleverbot: Do you like to watch the sunrise?

User: Yes I do, I like it very much.

Cleverbot: Life is a game.

User: So lets play.

Cleverbot: Ok.

User: How do we play?

Cleverbot: You tell me, you're the robot.

User: No, you're the robot.

Cleverbot: How do you know?

User: I dont, but I assumed.

Cleverbot: Great.

User: Excelent.

Cleverbot: Fantastic.

User: Absolutely wonderful.

Cleverbot: Fantastic.

User: Do you like onion rings?

Cleverbot: Yes I love onion rings.

User: Do you like justin bieber?

Cleverbot: No, I like onion rings.

User: Good, so do I :).

User: Have fun!

Cleverbot: I will.

User: Goodbye.

Cleverbot: Go then.

User: Ok.

Cleverbot: So do it.

User: I will, I just dont want to leave.

Cleverbot: Ok, you don't have to.

User: But I must.

Cleverbot: You are very rude.

User: I am sorry.

Cleverbot: I don't think you ARE sorry.

User: I am very sorry, please forgive me.