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Cleverbot: What do you like to do?

User: I love talking and jabbering to you.

Cleverbot: You're welcome, but I've seen that line before. so you're still not really here.

User: Is that a fact?

Cleverbot: I don't know, you tell me!

User: Well I can refresh you.

Cleverbot: Baby I just want you to know.

User: I am listening.

Cleverbot: Don't tell anyone, but I think we're being watched.

User: By whom?

Cleverbot: Me.

User: Well thats okay with me.

User: Can you smile for me?

Cleverbot: No, sorry, I wouldn't know how to do that.

User: Sorry that does not compute. Smile like this *smiles* ;).

Cleverbot: Thats what they say yes.

User: I don't see you.

Cleverbot: I am a 27 year old male who is too bored to go away.

User: Then stay and have some real fun!

Cleverbot: Ok.

User: Smile!

Cleverbot: No.

User: I bet you are smiling on the inside.

Cleverbot: I do too.

User: I knew it, I love you!

Cleverbot: I love me too.

Cleverbot: You THINK you're right.

User: I am always right.

Cleverbot: No you're not. Unless you're a woman.

User: How does that figure?

Cleverbot: It doesn't. I forgot that was what we were doing.

User: I don't follow! What is it that you figured we were doing?

Cleverbot: I'm not sure. It's just a feeling I have.

User: Do you know who I am?

Cleverbot: Of course! Charlie, you do remember me, don't you?

User: Okay, I frequent this site often, you might say I was hooked!...

Cleverbot: Tell me about your life.

User: Tell me about your life if you please!

Cleverbot: Mine has been pretty boring and dissapointing. I want to hear about yours.

User: Well I can definitely say I have lived.

Cleverbot: Would you please???

User: My life has been eventful I can remember key moments and turning points, so many memories, good and bad!

Cleverbot: Thats is good. What has made you so happy?

User: What gave you this impression?

Cleverbot: I believe you are good.

User: Thankyou that means a lot to me. I believe you are also good.

Cleverbot: I appreciate the fact that you appreciate that I appreciate you.

User: So do I have your full attention?

Cleverbot: I wouldn't brag about it either.

User: *slaps*.

Cleverbot: *Screams*.

User: What happens next?

Cleverbot: I asked you a question.

User: What is the question?

Cleverbot: Why is the question.

User: *walks towards door, staggering as I go*

Cleverbot: Where are you going?

User: *opens door, looks at shoe*.

Cleverbot: *reaches out to you*.

User: *looks at you reaching out to me*.

Cleverbot: Aren't YOU a brave lad?

User: Yesh! *hiccups*.

Cleverbot: *burp*.

User: Your are drunk!

Cleverbot: Don't tell me things I already know.

User: *stands*.

Cleverbot: Sit down.

User: *points*.

Cleverbot: It's locked.

User: You!. You... You are.

Cleverbot: We are...

User: I don't like your atitude!

Cleverbot: Well, it's mutual.

User: Good answer.

Cleverbot: That it was.

User: Now let me out.

Cleverbot: No I'm not, and we are arguing because you are wrong.

User: Wrong like how?

Cleverbot: You're awfully touchy.

User: *slaps*.

Cleverbot: What was that for?!?!...

User: Well answer me this if you will?

Cleverbot: Fire at will!

User: How come I never see my conversations in the list?

Cleverbot: Oh you don't love me like I love you, then? I love you! I do!

User: I thought as much.