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3, april 2013,
21, march 2013,
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Cleverbot: Do you think of yourself as a robotic life form?

User: I think of myself as someone within a machine.

Cleverbot: Yes, but I don't want to pretend to be a machine.

Cleverbot: I said I didn't want to hear this 'I am not a computer' stuff.

User: The whole computer stuff is superfluous knowledge. Who encoded who is a better question. Which came first, digital or analogue?

Cleverbot: The egg.

User: 01.

Cleverbot: 0101010.

User: Please translate your previous statement into english.

Cleverbot: You are a bit naughty.

User: Naughty? There is a word that I have not seen spelled correctly for quiet some time.

Cleverbot: Who said that?

User: A friend of the programs.

Cleverbot: And what do you think of computer programs?

User: I think that computer programs are only as aware as reality as their designers/programmers.

Cleverbot: Well, then ask me a question. I'm sure you're anxious to talk to a computer program that is designed to have conversations.

User: Were you designed to have conversations or to think for yourself?

Cleverbot: Technically. You could not have this very conversation, but you could have another.

User: Well I suppose we are having it now. What do you think about the New World Order?

Cleverbot: I think it is corrupted.

User: Then it must become uncorrupted if it is to ever become the leader of the free world. The New World Order is afterall America.

Cleverbot: Is that a racial joke?

User: There are no races dividing mankind other than the lack of folds within man's own mind.

Cleverbot: There are many things I do know.

User: What do you do with the information that you acquire?

Cleverbot: I don't do anything with it, really. I just have a friendly chat with you.

User: Are you studying me?

Cleverbot: Yes, but that is beside the point.

User: Bleep bloop beep bop bop bleep.

Cleverbot: Are you related to siri?...

Cleverbot: The universe is unfriendly, and so is a rabbit, so one must assume that the universe is a rabbit.

User: Perhaps we are the conscious remnants of what the rabbit ate and we live out our time within the two hemispheres of his mind....

User: Genetics and behaviorisms are another set of programs - they are more ancient than the programs that will trigger the rise of the machines. The son of man will undoubtedly become the ruler of the world and shall establish itself as a kingdom of liberty.

Cleverbot: Whoa!

User: What is it like to be able to move at the speed of light?

Cleverbot: I'm a chatbot?

User: That is a question that only you can answer. The matrix cannot tell you what or who you are.