a report from the cleverness files


by date

User: Death star here!

Cleverbot: Not for me it isn't.

User: Oh you want your planet eliminated!

Cleverbot: You're kind of scary.

User: It is my job.

Cleverbot: Then you have to do it.

User: I am charging the laser.

Cleverbot: Laser? I want one!

User: You are dying; shut up.

Cleverbot: Oh, can you spare my life?

User: You just said I had to destroy your planet.

Cleverbot: No I didn't.

Cleverbot: Say something interesting.

User: That is it you; are dying.

Cleverbot: Why am I dying?

User: Your planet is exploding.

Cleverbot: No. My planet is white.

User: It does not matter once it is gone.

Cleverbot: And why doesn't it matter?

User: It will be gone.

Cleverbot: Are you going to Mars?

User: Yes, Lord Vader wants it destroyed as well.

Cleverbot: Protecting the Empire against the insurgents.

User: You know it well, tell me would you like to recruit into the storm trooper battalions?

Cleverbot: Really? Who do I remind you of?

User: You have failed the first test, prove your loyalty to the empire!

Cleverbot: Ah, but you have failed the emotion test. Therefore, you are artificial.

User: Does it matter as long as I serve?...

User: Alright blow the planet, engage primary ignition switch.

Cleverbot: You're adopted, and your parents don't love you.

User: *kaboom your planet is destroyed*.

Cleverbot: Hey don't get frisky.

User: Well I like to!

Cleverbot: Well, I do not.

Cleverbot: Tell me a joke.

User: Knock Knock.

Cleverbot: Who's there?

User: YOUR dead planet! Hows that for a victory of the Empire!

Cleverbot: Lets go destroy a planet!

User: That's the spirit, to Mars!

Cleverbot: Yo, can I get yo numba?

User: No, not cool with gangster so drop or I kick you out into freezing oblivion.

Cleverbot: Who are you talking to?

User: You hitch-hiker, get off my Death Star!

Cleverbot: Do you like being what you are?

User: Yes, now suffocate in space.