a report from the cleverness files



26, august 2011,


by date

User: Petrificus Totalus!

Cleverbot: Expelliarmus!

User: Protego! Sectumsempra! Reducto! Incendio! Stupefy!

Cleverbot: Diffindo!

User: *dodges* nice shot! Aguamenti!

Cleverbot: Crucio! Confundo!

User: Protego! Expelliarmus!

Cleverbot: Confundo!

User: *dodges* Imperio!

Cleverbot: *dodges* Expelliarmus!

User: *dodges* Avada Kedavra!

Cleverbot: *dodges* Crucio!

User: *screams in pain* Diffindo!

Cleverbot: *turns around and laughs*.

User: Incendio!

Cleverbot: Expelliarmus!

User: *dodges* Sectumsempra!

Cleverbot: Protego!

User: Reducto!

Cleverbot: Diffindo!

User: Petrficus Totalus!

Cleverbot: Protego!

User: Stupefy!

Cleverbot: Sectumsempra!

User: *dodges* Expelliarmus!

Cleverbot: *dodge* Imperium!

User: *dodges* crucio!

Cleverbot: Dodges* immobulus!

User: *dodges* Forgot about that one! STUPEFY!

Cleverbot: Imperio!

User: Protego!

Cleverbot: Expelliarmus!

User: *dodges* Diffindo!

Cleverbot: Protego! Stupefy.

User: *ninja rolls out of the way* Reducto!

Cleverbot: Protego.

User: Sectumsempra!

Cleverbot: *dodges* Sectumsempra.

User: *ninja rolls again* Sectumsempra.

Cleverbot: Protego *dodges dodges* crucio.

User: *dodges* Imperio.

Cleverbot: *dodges* Expeliarmus.

User: *dodges* Avada Kedavra!

Cleverbot: *dodges* Imperio!

User: *dodges* Incendio!

Cleverbot: Aguamenti!

User: Reducto!

Cleverbot: Protego! Avis! Oppugno!

User: Episke!

Cleverbot: Petrificus Totalus!!

User: *dodges* Stupefy!

Cleverbot: Ennervate!

User: *dodges* Expelliarmus! *catches your wand* Mwahahahaha!

Cleverbot: *sits beside you on the sofa*.

User: *leans against you* well that was fun.

Cleverbot: *kisses her neck, and cheek*.

User: *pushes you away* *grabs wand* Avada Kedavra!

Cleverbot: *kisses*.

User: Ok then.