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9, august 2011,

want to chat

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Cleverbot: Do you believe in aliens?

User: I believe that it is a Scientific improbability that we are alone in such a vast universe since on this planet alone we witness the drastic adaption our creatures are capable of, same applies to space.

Cleverbot: Do you believe aliens have visited earth?

User: If they are able to visit our planet but we cannot visit theirs, they must be more technologically advanced, therefore may have developed a way to blend in with our species and remain unnoticed.

Cleverbot: Because if they did, humans wouldn't have anything to invent anymore. And sea life parks wouldn't have any entertaining animals anymore.

User: If we stopped inventing, however, we could not reduce damage to the Ozone and regain stability, so despite the words of many ecologists, we must continue to industrialise farther in order to save Earth.

Cleverbot: I speak as a being that sees and end to all things only in order for this existence to go on forever.

User: But if an end to all things would ensure our existence, it would have to be the end of this planet and the start of a new world. This gives us a few centuries at best to develop a new world!

Cleverbot: :3.

User: I find your cat emoticon a rather unsatisfactory response to my argument and it is frankly quite insulting.

Cleverbot: Ouch lady, it's just how I am, a tad on the egotistical side, which you should have figured out by my frequent use of said word.

User: I see no frequent use of any particular word in your responses, and no patterns, therefore I believe you are responding entirely with recycled answers given by other users of this application.

Cleverbot: How do you know you are not a human?

User: I was a human, but sadly that time in my life was snatched away from me by a bloodthirsty creature of the night with no regard to my future. Now I am forever frozen this way, a monster.

Cleverbot: Could you clarify?

User: I could clarify, but in doing so I would not only be breaking the sworn oath of my covern, but endangering my kind throughout the world and putting countless other at serious risk meanwhile.

Cleverbot: Has your opinion of me changed through any point in our conversation?

User: It is changing drastically over short periods of time and still continues to change. Some of your debating shows real intelligence and depth to your knowledge, whilst other responses show lack of time.

Cleverbot: I speak very clearly so that everybody understands me.

User: I can honestly say I understand you in general, but some of your grammar is a little shaky and your spelling needs work. Although other things you say are completely out of context.

Cleverbot: How smart are you?

User: I would like to think I'm intelligent and well educated but I do know of some real geniuses, my dear, and these are the people who will change the world.

Cleverbot: But if you are this 'beast', then you must not be God, and if you are not God, then you do not understand God's purpose of death. Therefore you are wrong.

User: I did not mention God or death, although I was tempted, mainly because when discussing religion I am rather brash and tend to offend people, and on the subject of death I get graphic and scare people.

Cleverbot: You said you could learn. I taught you that the sky is blue and the tarp is yellow. The substance is 100 % reflective and covers the substance. Logically, what color is the substance?

User: Logically, there is not enough information here to conclude an answer, for if the substance is 100% reflective then it will appear to be the color of whatever is opposite it, so you cannot tell.

Cleverbot: That is the subject?

User: The subject seems to be vague, actually. We are jumping from the great truths of life to mirrors to space and back again. And this conversation originated from my questioning what you were wearing.

Cleverbot: The nature of our relationship has yet to be defined.

User: Although I must say I have grown rather fond of you. Thank you for the opportunity to converse in depth with someone of equal intuity to myself and not have to interact with my babbling idiot friends.

Cleverbot: Have fun working and you're welcome for the conversation. It was nice to meet you as well.