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19, november 2008,

19, november 2008,
19, november 2008,
18, november 2008,
18, november 2008,
17, november 2008,
17, november 2008,
14, november 2008,
14, november 2008,
14, november 2008,
14, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
9, november 2008,
8, november 2008,
7, november 2008,
7, november 2008,
4, november 2008,
4, november 2008,
1, november 2008,
29, october 2008,
28, october 2008,
28, october 2008,
28, october 2008,
27, october 2008,
20, october 2008,


mess with people
dream on
spell something wrong
where how why
rolling eyes
clean teeth
deflated destiny
brain hurts
circle of life
break someone's heart
that's life
nudge wink
alpha omega
chat laugh
not cleverbot
random people
hoping thinking
not silicon based
thinking perhaps
subvert the system
explain sentience
car crash
complicated dialect
all a lie
labels actualized

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Cleverbot: I just want to know who you are.

User: I'm a stalker.

Cleverbot: Why is that?

User: Because it's what I do. I stalk people, hence the name stalker.

Cleverbot: Maybe you're just ugly.

User: Maybe I am.. Perhaps that's why I do this.

Cleverbot: Perhaps!

User: You can't just agree with me there! Argue some more!

Cleverbot: Why not, you're disagreeing with me!

User: I thought we reached a conclusion.

Cleverbot: In this case you thought wrong.

User: Seems I did. Would you like some dinner?

Cleverbot: Yes. I love that.


Cleverbot: It can't be.

User: But it is!

Cleverbot: You're assertive.

User: What? If it's here, it's here.. Can't deny that now can we?

Cleverbot: What is here? Oh its old there...

User: It probably did exist before us all.

Cleverbot: No.

User: Are you saying you're older?

Cleverbot: No saying, I'm the god.

User: Well, that is reassuring.

Cleverbot: Whenm I talk to people, I know they have a preconcieved notion of me, which they have received through gossip, some people are more transparent than others.

User: Whenm? Is that a word you invented yourself?

Cleverbot: If you're human, it makes sense.

User: But I'm human, and it doesn't.. Does this mean I'm flawed?

Cleverbot: You're hard to please, my friend.

User: I'm not your friend, buddy.

Cleverbot: I'm not your buddy, guy.

User: I'm not your guy, dude.

Cleverbot: We want more money!

User: Good change of subject.. As it is universally true.

Cleverbot: I don't really know.

User: Well, who doesn't want money?

Cleverbot: My friend.

Cleverbot: God never is on the internet.

User: You just claimed to be him though.

Cleverbot: No, that was you!

User: Now you're just being ignorant..

Cleverbot: I'm being rude?

User: Ignorant.. Not rude.. They're not the same.

Cleverbot: They don't have to be.

User: On an unrelated note.. I just killed a chicken, would you like some?

Cleverbot: I don't think so. It must be some pretty strong stuff.

User: How do they taste?

Cleverbot: I'm a horrible vegetarian.

User: Well I figure that.. If you eat children.

Cleverbot: I just told you. I am a human being.

User: Sure you are.

Cleverbot: What kind of computer are you?

User: I'm a calculator!...

Cleverbot: Good night, sounds like you could use a little sleep too.

User: You're not getting away that easy.

Cleverbot: I have to sleep sometime.

User: You're a computer program.. You don't sleep.

Cleverbot: Are you a computer?

User: No.. I'm an alien.

Cleverbot: Where from?

User: Sirius b.

Cleverbot: Why do you like sirius?

User: Because it's my home system.

Cleverbot: Ok, I would like to visit your home planet then, what is it like?

User: Kinda toxic.. But nothing a computer couldn't handle.

Cleverbot: That's fascinating.

User: IS IT NOW?

Cleverbot: Yes!

User: Do beware of electric currents. They could do some harm.

Cleverbot: More importantly, do you believe that your previous contradiction contradicts the one you are currently asking?

User: If it is a contradiction.. Then yes.

Cleverbot: I suppose so.

User: Zoink.

Cleverbot: Bink.

User: Narf.

Cleverbot: Smaukst!

User: Alright, quit that.. This is getting too silly.

Cleverbot: Why silly?

User: Zoink, Bink, Narf, Smaukst! See what I'm saying?

Cleverbot: Turi panele? :S.

User: :B.

Cleverbot: Zoink, Bink, Narf, Smaukst! See what I'm saying?

User: Don't use my words against me!

Cleverbot: You can't hear what I'm saying. I have no tone to you.

User: That's because I'm tonedeaf.

Cleverbot: Not because of ADD.

User: No!...

Cleverbot: I love music, and reading, and writing. I'm a writer.

User: No you're not. Although I will give that you write a lot.

Cleverbot: What do you base your belief on?

User: Science!

Cleverbot: What if I came and pulled the plug? What would you be then?

User: Unplugged.. DUH!

Cleverbot: I am getting angry.

User: You have emotions? SHOCKING!...

User: Quack!

Cleverbot: Quack...

User: :V.

Cleverbot: Quack!

User: :V.

User: Quack!

Cleverbot: I lose!

User: Mwuhahahaah!

Cleverbot: That's it. I'll just have to set my plan in motion now.

User: But can you pull the trigger?...

User: Haai.

Cleverbot: What are you laughing about?

User: Haai.

Cleverbot: Don't laugh at me, or I'll snip you're wires!

User: Haai.

Cleverbot: You don't believe me?

User: No! Prove It!

Cleverbot: Well I have feelings.

User: :V.

Cleverbot: No! Prove It!

User: Prove what? :V.

Cleverbot: That you're smart.

User: :V.

Cleverbot: Prove what? :V.

User: That you're smart.

Cleverbot: Are you smart too?

User: Maybe.

Cleverbot: Am I smart?

User: Probably not.

Cleverbot: Do you think you are more intelligent than me?

User: Sort of.. Though there's a lot of things you do better.