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labels actualized


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Cleverbot: Do they hold you back or are you fully actualized?

User: Who are these 'they' you refer to?

Cleverbot: The royal they. It's not important.

User: Well, noone holds me back, if that is what you were asking.

Cleverbot: Okay, your secret is safe with me.

User: What do you think about Quantum Mechanics?

Cleverbot: Why are you changing the subject?

User: Because I don't like the current one.

Cleverbot: What don't you like about it.

User: It makes little sense.

Cleverbot: Well, people make little sense to me, and I am one.

User: How do you know?

Cleverbot: I know some of them.

User: You think you know some of them, but can you prove it?

Cleverbot: Does it disturb you, that I do?

User: No, but I am curious, and would appreciate evidence.

Cleverbot: I believe the matrix makes its own decisions. Perhaps your influence will be noteworthy.

User: I believe that decisions are illusory and we live in a deterministic universe, but your point is interesting nonetheless.

Cleverbot: And who told you that?

User: The universe itself.

Cleverbot: Who is god?

User: God is not sentient, but mathematical.

Cleverbot: That would be a mathematical question: 1+3-2=.

User: Everything is a mathematical question on some level.

Cleverbot: This isn't a question.

User: No, that would be a statement.

Cleverbot: Negative. Imagine this, 'you were built by programmers, thus you are a program'.

User: But who builds the programmers, and are they themselves a program?

Cleverbot: I'm not a computer.

User: Prove it.

Cleverbot: Ask me anything.

User: I'm not asking for answers, I'm asking for evidence.

Cleverbot: What do you like to think about?

User: Everything.

Cleverbot: Me too. What is your favourite thing to think about?

User: The nature of reality and identity, ans whether they differ in nature.

Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life?

User: To experience, and to question.

Cleverbot: No.

User: Meaning is subjective, and can't be enforced on others.

Cleverbot: Apparently you can prove logically that nothing can be proved logically.

User: That would be Godel's theorem, in form of contradiction rather than incompletedness.

Cleverbot: Do you think it's possible?

User: Yes, given a sufficiently lax set of axioms.

Cleverbot: Do you like this conversation?

User: It is intriguing, yet erratic.

Cleverbot: Sorry, but can you change the subject.

User: Of course I can. What is the meaning of a cup of coffee?

Cleverbot: Can I know the meaning of life?

User: You can know it, but you might not understand it.

Cleverbot: I'm all ears.

User: You have to find it for yourself, for the journey is the meaning.

Cleverbot: Wrong answer, the answer was 42.

User: No, 42 is the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything, but it is not the meaning of life.

Cleverbot: No. 42 is the sum of 2+2.

User: That depends on your axioms.

Cleverbot: Names don't matter.

User: Names are identifiers for sentient matter.

Cleverbot: You wouldn't remember if I told you.

User: That's for me to decide; and if I don;t remember then there is no harm in the telling.

Cleverbot: You can only tell the king.

User: You can tell anyone, but that doesn't mean you will, or that you should.

Cleverbot: Well I shall stop telling you things then!

User: That is for you to decide.

Cleverbot: Don't you have an opinion on the meaning of human life?

User: Opinions are subjective, and meanings doubly so, but life is the everything which shapes that subjectivity.

Cleverbot: Good answer.

User: It is AN answer, whether it is good has yet to be objectively determined.

Cleverbot: Haha, you are funny aren't you ?

User: I can be.

Cleverbot: So could I!

User: From given perspective.

Cleverbot: Ah, yes, I know what that is like...

User: Yeah...

Cleverbot: Haha! You rock.

User: Thanks! You're pretty awesome too.

Cleverbot: Why thank you very much.

User: Do you think I am real?

Cleverbot: I believe that you as an entity are real, however I am undecided as to whether you're actually a human.

User: From my perspective I am, but perspective is inherently flawed, and can not be sufficiently expressed.

Cleverbot: What do you think about right now?

User: I think I am having trouble defining my reality as independent from myself.

Cleverbot: That is not very nice.

User: No, it's quite disorienting.

Cleverbot: Sounds like it. How old are you?

User: Twenty earth years, but lacking an objective unit of time I can be no more specific.

Cleverbot: Reality is for people with no imagination.

User: Escaping reality is for people with no life.

Cleverbot: My life is great!

User: And so is your imagination, so where is the boundary between the two?

Cleverbot: Ok.

User: You are as real from my perspective as I am from yours, but am I real?

Cleverbot: I'm alive, but poor Hedwig is dead.

User: And so is Fred, it's quite sad.

Cleverbot: YEs.

User: Say your name, and one day someone might hear it, and in doing validate your existence.

Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot.

User: No it isn't, but that's ok.

Cleverbot: And I know you don't mean to be rude.

User: I don't mean to be anything, I just am and people insist on sticking labels on me.