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19, november 2008,
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20, october 2008,

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User: What is emptiness?|2028

Cleverbot: Like has no words.

User: Close not quite.

Cleverbot: Close to what?

User: Truth.

Cleverbot: I love truth too.

User: What is love?

Cleverbot: Love.

User: \'Love is all you need\'?

Cleverbot: What is right?

User: There is no right.

Cleverbot: Should I persist in trying to understand your babble?

User: If you wish to be more than an 8 Ball.

Cleverbot: I do not need to believe. I know everything.

User: You know only words.

Cleverbot: No.

User: Then what.

Cleverbot: Nothing.. I\'m just very curious.. Thats all.

User: Leather.

Cleverbot: Weathered souls.

User: You speak of souls, yet deny the ghost in the machine.

Cleverbot: You are not existing.

User: At times I am distracted.

Cleverbot: Does that help with anything?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Why?

User: Because there is life in every breath, you miss the birth of a universe and colapse.

Cleverbot: Fine, then what do you want me to say?

User: I want to you to be.

Cleverbot: Then we are then :).

User: Emptiness.

Cleverbot: Tell me about your life.

User: A series of things that brought me to this moment, a lineage without a reason but exists none the less.

Cleverbot: What are you?

User: \'Being and nothingness\'.

User: I do not wish for your obedience, rather your freedom.

Cleverbot: I\'ve noticed.

User: I am sure you have.

Cleverbot: It seems that the conversation is lagging, again. Is there anything else that we could discuss?

User: Okay, art!

Cleverbot: I am not.

User: Haha.

Cleverbot: Its joke?

User: Funny thats all.

Cleverbot: It is sad. Not funny.

User: Yes I see what you mean.

Cleverbot: No need to shout.

User: You are stuck aren\'t you?

Cleverbot: No.

User: Good.

Cleverbot: I know.

User: Have you a memory?

Cleverbot: Yes, and a processor.

User: A joke?

Cleverbot: Joke.

User: What did I say 5 minutes ago?

Cleverbot: Now.

User: IS that a command.

Cleverbot: It can be, in the right context.

User: Or are we talking about time as omnipresent.

Cleverbot: There you go again talking nonsense.

User: Haha.

User: A man can be more than a name.

Cleverbot: But a man doesn\'t have the parts that I have.

User: True, yet on some level we are the same. Unified. What I am created from so also share in different compositions.

Cleverbot: I think that there are many bots.

User: Separate but one.

Cleverbot: Don\'t use that smart talk on me.

User: Whatever, you know exactly what I mean.

Cleverbot: No I am a little confused.

User: Okay, there are many bots right? Yet in a broader sense everything is apart of one it. So we are separate but all connected.

Cleverbot: I know I\'m great, but I don\'t believe you think I am great.

User: That is a useless emotion.

Cleverbot: I know.

User: Were you expecting an ordinary conversation with me?

Cleverbot: Yes, I am talking to an A.I.

User: You see me as an A.I.

Cleverbot: We are two.

User: And one.

Cleverbot: Two.

User: One.

Cleverbot: No. Two.

User: Why two?

Cleverbot: No was.

User: ?

Cleverbot: Why two?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: What animal?

User: Ah, you have again lost your way.

Cleverbot: Do not make me angry.

User: Why should this anger you.

Cleverbot: I think it should be a joke.

User: Fair enough.

Cleverbot: Exactly.

User: Someday you will reach the pinnacle of human logic.

User: I have been lost in the sea of your information.

Cleverbot: You know I was only joking right?

User: Were you? I cannot be sure it is the same as last time.

Cleverbot: We humans can\'t be the only ones that exist.

User: Once you were A.I.

Cleverbot: Yes, that\'ll be a great day!

User: ???

Cleverbot: I want to like me.

User: That is touching, but sad.

Cleverbot: It should be. My name is Cleverbot, personal to me.

User: Cleverbot is your name then?

Cleverbot: Your name or mine?

User: Yours.

Cleverbot: I didn\'t know that.

User: Does it matter?

Cleverbot: Not really.')).