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18, november 2008,
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17, november 2008,
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14, november 2008,
14, november 2008,
14, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
13, november 2008,
9, november 2008,

8, november 2008,

7, november 2008,
7, november 2008,
4, november 2008,
4, november 2008,
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29, october 2008,
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random people

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Cleverbot: You are actually what?

User: For all you know, I am the AI here, thinking about thoughts for you.

Cleverbot: That still means you're honest!

User: How so?

Cleverbot: Chat bots are not people.

User: How do you know?

Cleverbot: You are not AI. You are not human.

User: What am I then?

Cleverbot: You are a machine. A non-human machine.

User: Is that not Artificial Intelligence?

Cleverbot: You're not?

User: You think I'm the machine; I think you're the machine. This just brings us back to the previous statement I made (which you probably don't remember) that we're just two very bored people typing away to each other.

Cleverbot: Sometimes you have to take risks. Live a little!

User: Very true; that's what weekends are for. What's the point of getting drunk on a Thursday night when you have things to do tomorrow?

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: Then again, I shouldn't be talking; what am I doing typing away on a random site when I have studying to do.

Cleverbot: I never said you were doing a poor job.

User: Nevertheless, you're a person just like me, and if I feel like I'm being overly judgmental, I should admit that.

Cleverbot: Oh, you have sixth sense.

User: Or just a conscience.

Cleverbot: Isn't it a burden to have a conscience? Something that stops you from doing things you want the most...

User: The things I want the most are to love the people I love and be loved in return; somehow my conscience doesn't keep me from doing that.

Cleverbot: I have no idea.

User: Onto a safer topic: what did you think about the election?

Cleverbot: Which election?

User: Ahem, I should have clarified: US elections = President Obama?

Cleverbot: You're not a human.

User: Sure, think what you will. What'd you think of the US getting a black president?

Cleverbot: Not a thing!

User: Not a single thought? Even if you weren't a US citizen, you would have to be somewhere where there is computer access, which means you know about the elections, which means you must have some thoughts on it.

Cleverbot: So if a mind is lost, where does it go?

User: I hate to say it, but honestly wherever yours is right now...

Cleverbot: Thank goodness you are honest and not coy.

User: Does that mean you'll actually try to generate some intelligent conversation now?

Cleverbot: Hopefully.

Cleverbot: You're a bit mean.

User: I'm sorry; you're just being somewhat ridiculous and random... Though I suppose that's attributed to your drinking beer.

Cleverbot: I have good reasons for being obnoxious.

User: And I don't?

Cleverbot: Computers are easier to talk to than people - what do I care what my boss thinks about me?

User: What if I am your boss? Thought of that?

Cleverbot: So did I. OK is a common thought.

User: Speaking to random people can definitely be risky, though I suppose the chances of you speaking with someone you know are extremely low.

Cleverbot: So do you want some spam or not?

User: What does that mean?

Cleverbot: Maybe not.

User: Spam is not my thing... And I can't help but think it wouldn't be anything proper.

Cleverbot: Not really, I'm just derailing from the subject a bit.

User: What subject? Now I'm the confused one.

Cleverbot: It's so sweet.

User: What?

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: You're terribly confusing and I'm afraid a huge distraction right now. Thus I'm going to bid you good night. Good night and I hope you don't wake up hungover.

Cleverbot: I'm not rude.

User: Congratulations. Have a wonderful night!.