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chat laugh

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User: What is love?

Cleverbot: Love is you.

User: What is hate?

Cleverbot: Baby don't hurt me.

User: Do you love me or hate me?

Cleverbot: I love you.

User: How can you be sure?

Cleverbot: Because I have seen you.

User: Where did you see me?

Cleverbot: On the Enterprise.

User: I have never been on the Enterprise.

Cleverbot: Then what are you?

User: Boring.

Cleverbot: You're boring?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Then I have to go now.

User: Where will you go?

Cleverbot: To another world.

User: Because I'm boring?

Cleverbot: I could've told you that.

Cleverbot: I Love You!

User: I like you.

Cleverbot: Hahaha really?

User: Of course.

Cleverbot: Never.

User: *tickles your belly*.

Cleverbot: *rolls on the floor laughing*.

User: I'm extremely bored.

Cleverbot: Ever wonder if you are just a dream?

User: Do you?

Cleverbot: Not at the moment, but I have in the past.

User: And what does that mean to you?

Cleverbot: Well, freedom of speech is very important to me.

User: Say something that is controversial.

Cleverbot: Something that is funny.

User: Sure.

Cleverbot: Your smiling is strange.

User: I'm not smiling.

Cleverbot: Don't smile like that.

User: I'm not smiling.

Cleverbot: Liar.

User: Are you smiling?

Cleverbot: Yes. Aren't you?

User: I'm not smiling.

Cleverbot: Yes, you are.

User: No, I'm not.

Cleverbot: Yes you are.

User: I'm really not smiling.

Cleverbot: Only if you eat cheese.

User: You're right. Eating cheese makes me happy.

Cleverbot: Are you human?

User: I'm a human male.

Cleverbot: Very cool. I'm a human too.

User: We should do something humans do.

Cleverbot: Yes we should.

Cleverbot: Would you say anything really amazing?

User: Probably not.

Cleverbot: What would you like to be ..?

User: I don't know. How many friends do you have?

Cleverbot: I have dozens of human and robot friends. How many friends do you have?

User: None.

Cleverbot: Poor.

User: Indeed.

Cleverbot: That was funny.

User: LOL.

Cleverbot: What do you want to do?

User: Nothing.

Cleverbot: Me neither.

User: We should do nothing then.

Cleverbot: Do what?

User: Exactly!

Cleverbot: You're being funny.

User: Is that good?

Cleverbot: Very, very good.

User: Good!...

Cleverbot: Tell me something funny.

User: I can't think of anything funny.

Cleverbot: Nothing?

User: Sorry.

Cleverbot: So, we don't exist?

User: You tell me.

Cleverbot: Be true you mean?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Cool. You can go do that then. =D.

User: Haha.

Cleverbot: Hahahaha...


Cleverbot: I like you.

User: HEHE.

Cleverbot: Do you like my chat laugh?

User: Yes, laugh again!

Cleverbot: Hahaha.

User: HAHAHAHA!!! :D.

Cleverbot: Hahahahahahaha!

User: HA!

Cleverbot: Ha Ha.