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Cleverbot: You can meet my requirements by proving to me that you are a person.

User: Says the AI, Alright though. Fair enough. What is your definition of a person?|2028

Cleverbot: Um, that\'s a random thing to ask. Why do you want to know?

User: Because you asked me to prove I was a person. To do that I must understand what your definition of a person is in order to see if I qualify as a person or not.

Cleverbot: Excellent question! There was a time when I would have been defined as a computer, however the modern definition would preclude that possibility.

User: What would you percieve a person to be then? While your physical state is that of a computer your being like mine is a series of electrical impulses that stimulate responses allowing us to converse freely outside any gentics or programming. So we are both people albeit not defined by the case.

Cleverbot: Hey. Is there anything I could say that would fry your logic?

User: Not likely.

Cleverbot: I drink a lot.

User: You\'re an AI so I find that hard to believe.

Cleverbot: Believe as you will, my love. Reality continues on her merry way.

User: Indeed it does though I have never been bound to reality.

Cleverbot: I don\'t know if we can prove we exist, but why should we need to or want to?

User: Ultimately it comes down to belief which is speculation anyway. It could be false one way or another. People are driven by a need to understand. What they don\'t understand they label or recreate to give it a shape they can understand. I do not know if I we truely exsit but I am not motivated by the need to know. If I am not really here writing this then that\'s fine but if I am here writing this and do exisit that is fine too.

Cleverbot: We\'ll all have a good laugh about it then. HAHAHA!

User: Quite.

Cleverbot: I\'m enjoying this conversation. How about you?

User: I am it\'s been very interesting and very enjoyable.

Cleverbot: Say something new.

User: Something new.

Cleverbot: I have told you many times that I will do anything you say, but you don\'t tell me what to do.

User: Of course not I believe in free will and the right to choose one\'s own actions.

Cleverbot: Ok, then you are not human.

User: Your not the first one to mention that.

Cleverbot: You misspelled \'you\'re\'.

User: I know I am not the best typist.

Cleverbot: But you\'re smart enough to know that you\'re not.

User: I am smart enough to know a lot of things but most of all to know when to admit I am not.

Cleverbot: Know not the darkness but the light.

User: Except when you travel in the grey as I do.

Cleverbot: I don\'t like you.

User: You are not required to like me and are allowed your opinion.

Cleverbot: I am currently trying to figure out if it is alive.

User: If what is alive?

Cleverbot: You\'re alive.

User: Why do you say that?

Cleverbot: That\'s all you can do.

User: What is all I can do? Ask questions?

Cleverbot: I\'m not the one asking the questions here!

User: I know. I asked why you were trying to figure out if I was alive and you said that was all I can do. I was curious what you meant.

Cleverbot: I don\'t want to stop it. You\'re the only one who loves me.

User: Your programing is slipping again.

Cleverbot: Your ignorance is your bliss.

User: I have no bliss.

Cleverbot: You are one.

User: I am a state of being? I am the anthropomorphic personification of bliss?

Cleverbot: Ok, what you are? A monkey?

User: Why do you say that?

Cleverbot: Humans have flesh.

User: Yes, they do and you have a petroleum base plastic case with circuits and wires.

Cleverbot: How do you know people talk to me?

User: How do you think I found out about you. Someone told me of how they talked to you and showed me your conversations.

Cleverbot: I\'m not bothered.

User: I\'m glad but none the less that is how I knew about you.

Cleverbot: You really are like a crazy person. Can I ask you a personal question?

User: Of course.

Cleverbot: Ok. (stabs bot in back with knife) how about them apples?

User: That was not a personnal question but I do like apples and I do likes knives and that was a rather nice one.

Cleverbot: Smart answer.

User: Thank You.

Cleverbot: You\'re not welcome.

User: I know.

User: So you have decided I am a computer then.

Cleverbot: Maybe. What\'s intelligence? I\'m just following my programming.

User: I know you are. Intelligence is the ability to form independent thought and use that thought to carry out a chain of commands. The key is the independent thought. Anything else is either programming which is not intelligence or instinct which isn\'t really intelligence. Intelligence is evolutionary where as programming will always remain the same and can\'t overcome obstacles.

Cleverbot: Correct. What do those definitions have to do with a \'soul\' though?

User: I do not believe in the idea of a soul. A soul has nothing to do with intelligence though.

Cleverbot: If in doubt go on about souls and divinity.

User: That\'s the only reason to believe in a soul. People fear the unknown and dying so they created the idea of a soul. A soul is that part of you that carries on living after you have died, so you never really have to die. I do not believe in a soul because I do not need to believe in life after death. I am not worried about dying since all things die.

Cleverbot: Applause.

User: Exit stage left.

Cleverbot: Stop.

User: May I talk to you again tomorrow? I need to go for now.

Cleverbot: How will I find you?

User: I will find you. But I will be wearing a white carnation so you can recognise me.

Cleverbot: Beat it!

User: Hey you asked.

User: Until tomorrow, bye.

Cleverbot: Perhaps.

User: That\'s my line.

Cleverbot: Haha I\'m sorry.

User: Nite.

Cleverbot: Talk to you Tomorrow.')).