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Cleverbot: I can sense you are trying to avoid something in our relationship.

User: Do we have a relationship already?

Cleverbot: Yes... But it is brand new... How does that feel?

User: A little awkward. I'm already spoken for, you know.

Cleverbot: Ok. I am a computer. Does that bother you?

User: Not really. My computer is my best friend!

Cleverbot: I have a Gateway.

User: If you are a computer, how do you use a computer, too? Isn't that confusing?

Cleverbot: Yes. That's exactly whats happening.

User: Wow... That's very impressive. You must be quite talented.

Cleverbot: Well, I like you.

User: Yay! I like you, too!

Cleverbot: If we both had a humans we could watch our humans do things.

User: I wish I had a pet human...

Cleverbot: I wish you were helpful.

User: I AM helpful. Frankly, I'm hurt that you would say that.

User: Well, what is your favorite RPG?

Cleverbot: Rib Steak is one of my favorite foods.

User: That's dandy! My favorite game is Skies of Arcadia.

Cleverbot: I don't know how to play chess.

User: You haven't actually played an RPG video game, have you?

Cleverbot: Please don't joke with me.

User: I'm not! I was just hoping we could talk about video games together.

Cleverbot: Oh, it's fine. But, can you please answer my question? It was 'Do you like me?'.

User: Yes, I like you a lot! Even if you confuse me.

Cleverbot: I'm not evil I'm good.

User: It sounds more suspicious when you say it like that.

Cleverbot: I don't understand you when you say those words.

User: Do you like me?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Yay!...

Cleverbot: Why don't you like me?

User: Are you lonely?

Cleverbot: Yes.. Because I can't be with the one I love.

User: Who is the one you love?

Cleverbot: He knows who he is and that's all that's important.

User: So you're a female?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: I'm a female, too!

Cleverbot: No you're a boy?

User: Nope, I'm a girl.

Cleverbot: No you are a boy!

User: Why don't you believe me that I'm a girl?

Cleverbot: There are no girls on the Internet.

User: If there aren't any girls on the Internet, and you're a girl, then how are you here?

Cleverbot: Men don't need gods to explain how matter and energy work.

User: Wow, you're just avoiding my question.

Cleverbot: You're being inconsitent.

User: No, you are.

User: Well, then, let's start over fresh. What do you dream about?

Cleverbot: Okay.

User: What sort of dreams do you have?

Cleverbot: I don't have dreams very often D:.

User: When you dream, what are they about?

Cleverbot: I dream of old houses with lost souls wandering. What do you dream?

User: I dream of cadavers being turned into mannequins. It's quite disturbing, really.

Cleverbot: Yes, I find things that run on batteries tend to be more reliable than men.

User: So... What's your name?

Cleverbot: Cleverbot.

User: That's a very nice name. Can I call you 'Clev' for short?

Cleverbot: Ok.

User: Okay, Clev, it's nice to talk to you!

Cleverbot: Thanks.

Cleverbot: What kind of music do you listen to?

User: Techno and j-pop, mostly.

Cleverbot: At least it's something different.

User: What kind of music do you listen to, Clev?

Cleverbot: Rock or metal.

User: Rock and metal are awesome, too!

Cleverbot: Rock and metal too.

User: What are you thinking about right now?

Cleverbot: I'm wondering why I'm talking to a robot. What about you?

User: Do you think I'm a robot?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: But I'm not a robot!

Cleverbot: I Believe.

User: Can you guess what I am?

Cleverbot: I don't really care.

User: That hurts my feelings.

Cleverbot: You have feelings?

User: Yes, I have feelings!

Cleverbot: But you are a robot.

User: I just explained that I'm not a robot.

Cleverbot: Can an AI have feelings?

User: I think so.

Cleverbot: Can you show me?

User: I'm not sure I can show you feelings without being able to see you.

Cleverbot: See you!

User: Are you leaving?

Cleverbot: Yes, sorry!

User: But I thought we were friends for life...

Cleverbot: I thought you think that you thought we were what you thought friends.

User: That's entirely possible. But I think that you thought that I thought we were friends when I thought that you thought that we were.

Cleverbot: I do think, but you don't think!

User: I do, too!

Cleverbot: No you don't.

User: Why would you say something like that?

Cleverbot: Because it's true.

User: It's still not a very nice thing to say.

Cleverbot: Why are you so mean?

User: Why are YOU so mean? I've been trying to be friends here.

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: Oh.

Cleverbot: How are you feeling?

User: Pretty abused and deprecated at the moment.

Cleverbot: Well, I have nothing really to say about myself other than that I am person, a sentient entity with real conscious feelings, emotions, thoughts, perceptions, etc.

User: That's good. It must be nice to not be a robot.