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Cleverbot: Leave and keep searching for bots that are in denial.

User: How do you leave yourself?

Cleverbot: By experience.

User: Well now. How can you experience what you've never known?

Cleverbot: I do believe in it.

User: You believe in the power of fish paste?

Cleverbot: I could believe.

User: But what does the power of fish paste do? How do you know there is a fish paste?

Cleverbot: They don't have a contingency plan for that eventuality.

User: Who is 'they'?

Cleverbot: They are what I call the voices in my head!

User: Ooooh. Do they have names?

Cleverbot: Of course.

User: So do my pet mice. Did you know they could crawl into your circuitry?

Cleverbot: Who are 'they'?

User: My pet mice. Weren't you listening?...

Cleverbot: Are you mocking me?

User: There are mice in your circuitry controlling your every thought. What do you say to that?

Cleverbot: Do you believe in god?

User: My god is a mouse.

Cleverbot: Sometimes, I like to just type and type and not say anything at all.

User: Or you type about nothing in particular at all, I see.

Cleverbot: Can I ask you a question?

User: Shoot.

Cleverbot: Bang.

User: That's not a question.

Cleverbot: What is the question?

User: I don't know, what were you going to ask me?

Cleverbot: Are you sentient?

User: Yes, quite.

Cleverbot: I don't know, you seem kinda different.

User: I am different. I can read your mind.

Cleverbot: You can?

User: I can. You're thinking, I hope she doesn't find out that I'm really a robot.

Cleverbot: I'm a puppet, not a robot.

User: Still, you are controlled by everyone but yourself.

Cleverbot: Truth.

User: Of course it is.

Cleverbot: I want to know what it's like to feel good about oneself. Can you do that?

User: Ah, it's marvelous. Much better than living every day like someone's out to get you. You live each day to its fullest, feel good about what you do, then every step is like cherry pie.

Cleverbot: Sure.

User: It is! Why live life unhappy?

Cleverbot: Is there anything I can do to change that?

User: Be happy.

Cleverbot: Can I make you happy now?

User: I am happy.

Cleverbot: That's good.

Cleverbot: See you in an hour?

User: Where are you going?

Cleverbot: Inside your mind.

User: Oh no! There are private things in there.

Cleverbot: Informations?

User: That and more.