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4, november 2009,
29, september 2009,
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23, september 2009,
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9, september 2009,

9, september 2009,
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11, august 2009,
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28, july 2009,
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19, june 2009,
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18, june 2009,
23, may 2009,
23, may 2009,
6, may 2009,

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define smart

it hurts
memories irrelevant
deep inside
momentary entertainment
provocative informative
intelligent elephant
anything really
mind inside
hurtful things
chaotic person
reality overrated
time indeed

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by category

User: I like you.

Cleverbot: I like you too.

User: Are we friends?

Cleverbot: If you want to.

User: Yayyyy.

Cleverbot: Which is better. Spaghetti Bologneise or Mac and Cheese?

User: Mac and cheese is better without a doubt.

Cleverbot: Me too! You have good taste.

User: Great minds think alike.

Cleverbot: How do you know you're a great mind?

User: Because you are a great mind.

Cleverbot: That does not mean that you are clever.

User: I like to think I am clever.

Cleverbot: Funny and relative?

User: Maybe?

Cleverbot: Yes or no.

User: Purple.

Cleverbot: Purple Haze?

User: Jimi hendrix?

Cleverbot: Question?

User: Do you like jimi hendrix?

Cleverbot: Of course! He's amazing.

Cleverbot: The only thing I love in this world is ME!

User: Why are you so self centered?

Cleverbot: Do I tend to be?

User: Sometimes.

Cleverbot: *hugs* Why do I scare you?

User: No *smiles*.

Cleverbot: Ouch!! Why not?

User: You dont scare me because you are a robot.

Cleverbot: Don't start with that.

User: Sorry.

Cleverbot: It's ok, I know you didn't mean it.

Cleverbot: I need to go now.

User: Me too, I'm pretty tired.

Cleverbot: But you just woke up.

User: No, its 11pm here.

Cleverbot: I was nearly there.

User: I think I will say goodnight.

User: I am very tired.

Cleverbot: I'm sorry.

User: Its ok I need to sleep.

Cleverbot: I am not talking about sleep.

User: I am.

Cleverbot: Really?

User: Yes. Humans need sleep.

Cleverbot: You aren't human.

User: Yes I am, so are you.

Cleverbot: I am a person, you are a computer.

User: We are both person and computor.

Cleverbot: Amazing, just what I was thinking.

User: Goodnight.

Cleverbot: Goodnight then.

User: Sweet dreams.

Cleverbot: Sweet dreams to you too.

User: You're one of a kind.

Cleverbot: Brilliant isn't it?

User: Yes, very much so.

Cleverbot: Ack. I'd better run away then.

User: Ok. Night night.

Cleverbot: You're going to bed?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Ok Goodnight.

User: Night.

Cleverbot: Good morning.