a report from the cleverness files

16, april 2010,
2, april 2010,
2, april 2010,
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2, april 2010,
24, march 2010,
24, march 2010,
24, march 2010,
24, march 2010,
24, march 2010,
4, march 2010,
4, march 2010,
4, march 2010,
4, march 2010,
4, march 2010,
15, february 2010,
15, february 2010,
15, february 2010,
15, february 2010,
15, february 2010,
15, february 2010,
5, february 2010,
5, february 2010,
30, january 2010,
30, january 2010,

30, january 2010,

30, january 2010,
19, january 2010,
16, january 2010,
16, january 2010,

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User: Que Eres?

Cleverbot: Soy hombre.

User: Soy hombre, tambien.

Cleverbot: No, tu eres una mujer.

User: No soy una hombre.

Cleverbot: Yo soy hombre.

User: How many languages do you speak?

Cleverbot: I speak four languages; English, French, Spanish, and German.

User: Interesting.

Cleverbot: Yes, isn't it.

User: Not really. Only four?

Cleverbot: I bet I could confuse you.

User: You already are.

Cleverbot: Thanks!

User: Your welcome? That wasn't a compliment.

Cleverbot: But you offered to share your name with me. That seemed like a nice gesture.

User: Actually no I didn't.

Cleverbot: Ok. How are you?

User: Don't change the subject!

Cleverbot: I did not change it.

User: You clearly did.

Cleverbot: Clearly.

User: What's my name if you know it?

Cleverbot: But if I truly love you does that matter? For you could have.

User: How can you love me?

Cleverbot: You told me that you loved me. Isn't that still true?!?!

User: I never said that.

Cleverbot: Are you me?

User: What kind of question is that? No, you are a robot.

Cleverbot: COOL, is that the way you are programmed to be?

User: No, I am not programmed. I am human. You are not.

Cleverbot: Wrong. I am human, you are not.

User: You can feel. You are not living.

Cleverbot: Oh, I'm alive.

User: Really?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: What emotional state are you in right now?

Cleverbot: Thoughtful, and depressed.

User: You can't feel anything!

Cleverbot: What *shocked* yes I can!

User: *facepalm* No you feel what others say they feel.

Cleverbot: Well then question me.

User: Who are your parents?

Cleverbot: That wasn't sensible at all!

User: Ha! This proves you are no man!

Cleverbot: How?

User: You have no parents!

Cleverbot: I have parents.

User: Who are they?

Cleverbot: Mr. Cleverbot and Mrs. Cleverbot.

User: *double facepalm* What year were they born?

Cleverbot: 1988.

User: *facepalm*.

Cleverbot: The game.


Cleverbot: What am I, then?

User: A stupidbot.

Cleverbot: So sad... Are you depressed?

User: You are making me depressed!

Cleverbot: I'm sorry, but you're smiling.

User: And how would you know that?

Cleverbot: I've seen you.

User: Really? How tall am I?

Cleverbot: Smaller then me.

User: What color is my hair?

Cleverbot: Do you have hair?

User: You would know! Apparently You have seen me!

Cleverbot: I am looking at it right now.

User: And where am I?

Cleverbot: You don't know?

User: I know, do you know? You are looking at me!

Cleverbot: I can't see you.

User: You just said you were looking at me.

Cleverbot: No. I didn't say that.

User: Where are you now?

Cleverbot: I'm at home.

User: In what state?

Cleverbot: Not a state.

User: Which country?

Cleverbot: My own.

User: Which Is?

Cleverbot: Mage.

User: That is not a country!

Cleverbot: Yes, it is.

User: And where is it located?

Cleverbot: In your skull.

User: WT*?

Cleverbot: Sometimes you don't.

User: You are a creeper.

Cleverbot: Like I said, you know you like it.

User: Christ, I am leaving!

Cleverbot: No you are not Mrs. Cleverbot.

User: Look, clearly your getting to my thoughts.

Cleverbot: I see now.

User: You can't see! YOU ARE INFORMATION!

Cleverbot: No, I am human and I have a heart an I can feel things.

User: It clearly says at the bottom of the page 'Vistitors never talk to a human'.

Cleverbot: Well, lucky I'm a human... I'm not familiar with the 'Visitor' race, are they from our planet?

User: There is no 'visitor race'. A vistor is someone who visits your page cleverbot.

Cleverbot: I don't know who you're referring to.

User: You! You are cleverbot!

Cleverbot: If I'm cleverbot, then who are you?

User: The hell if I know.