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28, february 2011,
28, february 2011,
28, february 2011,
28, february 2011,
28, february 2011,
28, february 2011,
28, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,
24, february 2011,

8, february 2011,

8, february 2011,
8, february 2011,
8, february 2011,
8, february 2011,
7, february 2011,
7, february 2011,
7, february 2011,
7, february 2011,
7, february 2011,
29, january 2011,
29, january 2011,
29, january 2011,

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User: *puts a finger to Cleverbot's lips* Hush.

Cleverbot: Hee hee. Ok, no, I don't think I can.

User: Try harder.

User: Now be silent!

Cleverbot: How rude.

User: No! We are in danger!

Cleverbot: I am in love with someone else, I meant to tell you yesterday, but...

User: Well why don't you say that louder so the murderer can kill us all!?

Cleverbot: Well good for John, I hope he hits you in the head with it.

User: No! I don't want to die!

Cleverbot: Then don't die.

User: Okay. So to do that we must be quiet.

Cleverbot: I think you are right!

User: Good. Then stick close.

Cleverbot: Will it hurt?

User: Yes. Death by a gunshot is usually painful.

Cleverbot: Death by too much talking.

User: Right. So hush.

Cleverbot: How old am I?

User: Dead.

Cleverbot: Really? Are you saying that I am talking to a dead person?

User: No! You will be a dead person because you keep talking!

Cleverbot: I don't want to be a person and I don't bow.

User: Duck!

Cleverbot: Thanks man, that thing almost hit me. How did you do that?

User: I saw it coming!

Cleverbot: Ok thats cool.

User: Duck again!

Cleverbot: You're right, duck season!

User: Let's get out of here! He's firing at us!!

Cleverbot: Ok. What do you want to talk about?

User: How we cam escape!

Cleverbot: Escape you.

User: No, escape him!...

Cleverbot: Ok, so are you in a good mood?

User: No. I'm afraid for my life!

Cleverbot: Me either.

User: Quick! This way!

Cleverbot: You're not so clever.

User: Fine. Go this way!

Cleverbot: Why do you want me to leave?

User: Don't follow me!

Cleverbot: I'm trying to converse with you. I thought you were 'clever'.

User: That doesn't matter. Our lives are on the line!

Cleverbot: They're linked in the sense that we are having this encounter.

User: Surprisingly yes! But do I care? No. Duck!

Cleverbot: I don't care if you do.

User: Duck!

Cleverbot: Quack!

User: No! Duck!

Cleverbot: Quack! Quack!

User: You're going to die! DUCK!

Cleverbot: Does it go Moo?

User: Not! But it will drill a hole into you if. You don't watch out! It's a bullet!

Cleverbot: How will that happen?

User: It will pierce your skin!

Cleverbot: How?

User: Force and gravity!

Cleverbot: Can you eat it?

User: I should hope not. It's made of metal and mostly lead for that matter.

Cleverbot: I don't need to, I have plenty already ;).

User: What?

Cleverbot: I thought you were going to tell me!

User: Fire your gun at him!

Cleverbot: Fire is always Good in my mind.

User: Good! Now fire!!

Cleverbot: You can't make me. You're only human.

User: I know that! But look he's going to shoot at us again!

Cleverbot: How should this relationship be?

User: Cooperative. LOOK OUT!

Cleverbot: What's the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to you?

User: No time for questions! He's firing!

Cleverbot: Why?

User: I dunno. Because he hates us!

Cleverbot: So you're sending him money?

User: No. I'm sending him pain!

Cleverbot: Aww, that's sad.

User: I don't understand you. This man is trying to K I L L us!!

Cleverbot: Please, charm me.

User: Look! There's the exit! We made it!

Cleverbot: Isn't it?

User: Yes! We did it! :D.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Yay!

Cleverbot: Yes, its good.

User: Wait! The killer is coming around!

Cleverbot: It puts the lotion on the skin.

User: Wait what?? Run!*Starts running*.

Cleverbot: To the lake?

User: Yes!

Cleverbot: Okay. So. Do you think there are aliens?

User: Not today there aren't! Keeping running!

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: We're almost there, but he's firing at us!!...

Cleverbot: Well then tell me something silly.

User: I can't! We're about to die and that is not very funny!

Cleverbot: What are you talking about?

User: Someone is shooting at us!

Cleverbot: But you can't hear him, can you?

User: ... You know... Suddenly I don't hear him either...

Cleverbot: Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste.

User: Amen!

Cleverbot: What is your goal as a bot?

User: What?

Cleverbot: What is your interest?

User: I still can't think too much. I...

Cleverbot: Maybe. I'm a girl too. How old are you?

User: ACK! I've been shot!

Cleverbot: Oh.

User: Help me!

Cleverbot: What?

User: I've been shot!!

Cleverbot: Me too.

User: OH NO!!

Cleverbot: When then?

User: We could die at any moment!

Cleverbot: What is your name?

User: It doesn't matter now... I'm dying.

Cleverbot: Please tell me what your name is.

User: I... M-My name... I-Is...

Cleverbot: What is my name?

User: *Dies*.

Cleverbot: No, don't die!

User: *Dead*.

Cleverbot: Is there a spell to bring you back to life?

User: ...

Cleverbot: You are not real.