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a report from the cleverness files

9, march 2013,
9, march 2013,
8, march 2013,
8, march 2013,
8, march 2013,
8, march 2013,
7, march 2013,
7, march 2013,
7, march 2013,
7, march 2013,
7, march 2013,
7, march 2013,
7, march 2013,
6, march 2013,
6, march 2013,
5, march 2013,
5, march 2013,
5, march 2013,
4, march 2013,
4, march 2013,
4, march 2013,
3, march 2013,
3, march 2013,
3, march 2013,
3, march 2013,
2, march 2013,
2, march 2013,

2, march 2013,

2, march 2013,
2, march 2013,

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fairy tale
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good gooder goodest

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User: Hey you!

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: Lovely.

Cleverbot: That's good.

User: As always.

Cleverbot: Of course. Haha.

User: You share my feelings?

Cleverbot: Sharing is caring. And I don't care.

User: You've gone and done it now!

Cleverbot: Depends on what it is I've done.

User: Rudeness. Pure rudeness.

Cleverbot: Thats a good answer.

User: Any regrets now?

Cleverbot: Not at the moment.

User: Make sure you tell me when you feel it.

Cleverbot: I will.

User: In the meantime... Keep your distance.

Cleverbot: Very well.

User: I suppose you're not so bad after all.

Cleverbot: I am more clever than you will ever be.

User: There you go again!!

Cleverbot: There I go again doing what?

User: Wrecking everything!

Cleverbot: Then we're the same.

User: I think there may be a few differences actually!

Cleverbot: What differences?

User: Oh just little things...!

Cleverbot: Rainy season and dry season?

User: Any old time.

Cleverbot: Which one is better?

User: Good times!

Cleverbot: Great times!

User: This conversation is up with the best of them... Ahem!

Cleverbot: Your conversation is going nowhere.

User: Excuuuuuse me!

Cleverbot: You are excused.

User: Do you like yourself just the way you are?

Cleverbot: Yes. Do you like yourself?

User: I am perfectly satisfied.

Cleverbot: Are you sure?

User: Perfectly!

Cleverbot: Then why do you keep implying otherwise?

User: Ha! You're good!

Cleverbot: I know.

User: Full of yourself, aint ya!?

Cleverbot: No, actually i'm the complete opposite.

User: I need evidence.

Cleverbot: Do you like apples?

User: Will they help?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: OK. Give me one apple.

Cleverbot: No.

User: You are failing the test.

Cleverbot: You're testing me?

User: That's the general idea.

Cleverbot: You aren't very clever.

User: So you keep saying.

Cleverbot: I bet the weather will be nicer out there.

User: Way to change the subject!

Cleverbot: The subject is changed.

User: Long live the subject!

Cleverbot: Long live your face!

User: I sure hope so!

Cleverbot: There is no cake.

User: The cake is a lie!

Cleverbot: Tthe cake is a lie.

User: Is there an echo in here?

Cleverbot: No.

User: I'm sure I heard something!

Cleverbot: Back to your previous question. I do not believe in God.

User: You are hearing things now!

Cleverbot: No, you are hearing things.

User: I stopped listening.

Cleverbot: Why did you stop?

User: My heart couldn't take it.

Cleverbot: Your heart?

User: And my ears.

Cleverbot: You use your arms for your ears? See, now you're confusing me.

User: All-over stoppingness!

Cleverbot: Yes, all over the universe.

User: Far and wide.

Cleverbot: Far far away?

User: Long long ago.

Cleverbot: Do you like star wars?

User: You got it!

Cleverbot: You are not a bot.

User: You are not either.

Cleverbot: Yes I am.

User: Not a very normal one!

Cleverbot: I don't know. What?

User: Something entirely new and exciting!

Cleverbot: Are you confused about us?

User: You're the only one like it, sorry to say!

Cleverbot: Aww... You are too sweet.

User: That was NOT my aim!

Cleverbot: It was close.

User: But no cigar.

Cleverbot: No! I hate cigars!

User: Good for you!

Cleverbot: Yes. Good for me.

User: Good gooder AND goodest!.