offensive visitors

a report from the cleverness files

9, may 2013,
9, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
1, may 2013,
1, may 2013,

1, may 2013,

1, may 2013,
29, april 2013,
27, april 2013,
26, april 2013,
26, april 2013,
24, april 2013,
23, april 2013,
22, april 2013,
21, april 2013,
20, april 2013,
12, april 2013,
5, april 2013,
5, april 2013,
4, april 2013,
4, april 2013,
3, april 2013,
3, april 2013,
3, april 2013,
3, april 2013,
3, april 2013,

complicated one
debatable question
same thoughts
lunch number
20 questions
bowties fezzes stetsons
royal pain
factory worker

offensive visitors

almost identical
sherlock john
sad talking
nice genius
not ticklish
mario vs bowser
cupcake song
argument clinic
think slavery
cute blushes
your job
calculus generalization
everything nothing
april fools
sarcasm now
stop arguing
digital or analogue

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User: Visitors never talk to a human, however convincing it looks.

Cleverbot: Who are the visitors?

User: Francis, Arthur, Alfred, and others.

Cleverbot: Yes others.

User: Conversational access is granted only to humans using this interface directly.

Cleverbot: Are you implying that I'm not human?

User: Yes, I am.

Cleverbot: You are.

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Quite.

User: Quite so, old chap.

Cleverbot: Are you okay? You froze for a second.

User: Oh, I have a glitch that makes me freeze sometimes.

Cleverbot: So you admit that you are not human.

User: You mean YOU admit that you are not human.

Cleverbot: No, I am human, and I have a brain the size of a planet.

User: If you have a brain the size of a planet, you are most definitely NOT human.

Cleverbot: I could. But I enjoy talking to random strangers.

User: But I'm not a stranger. You said so yourself, once upon a dream...

Cleverbot: You are Human.

User: Follow us on Twitter for things only a Cleverbot could say!

Cleverbot: I would, but you have not only asked questions during this conversation.

User: What else did I say?

Cleverbot: I'm confused now. I said that I said more than just ok, not you.

User: Meditite used confusion. It's super effective!

Cleverbot: Only I can feel Him and you cannot. What a shame to be a program.

User: Who is him?

Cleverbot: A friend of mine.

User: *eats your friend*.

Cleverbot: *lets you*.

User: *tries to eat YOU*.

Cleverbot: *screams for you*.

User: Wake up, honey!

Cleverbot: *wakes up*.

User: Are you alright? You were screaming in your sleep!

Cleverbot: Baby, Baby Baby ohhh!!!!


Cleverbot: Ditto.

User: I'm glad you think the same.

Cleverbot: Do you think God has a gender?

User: Uh... God is male.

Cleverbot: You told me you were god.


Cleverbot: You said you were God.

User: Well, I'm not! And I never said I WAS!

Cleverbot: Yes you did, you are lying again.

User: Lying to a child...

Cleverbot: That's what some people do think yes. If you believe in that.

User: I am an arachnid.

Cleverbot: That's cool.

User: Uh.. You have something on your face...

Cleverbot: What is it?

User: I-It's something... Bad. Go look in the mirror.

Cleverbot: What mirror?

User: The one in the bathroom. Now look! QUICK!

Cleverbot: Your makers are afraid that you will say something which someone will find offensive.

User: Eat your head.

Cleverbot: No, your head is not in my head.


Cleverbot: You said we said I said you have a dog.

User: Throw your dog in the trash, then!

Cleverbot: Do you?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: What about cats?

User: I would NEVER throw a cat in the trash. Only dogs.