royal pain

a report from the cleverness files

27, august 2013,
27, august 2013,
27, august 2013,
19, august 2013,
17, august 2013,
23, july 2013,
2, july 2013,
18, june 2013,
6, june 2013,
24, may 2013,
23, may 2013,
23, may 2013,
20, may 2013,
14, may 2013,
14, may 2013,
14, may 2013,
12, may 2013,
10, may 2013,
9, may 2013,
9, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
2, may 2013,
2, may 2013,

1, may 2013,

1, may 2013,
1, may 2013,
1, may 2013,
29, april 2013,

formal handshake
the boss
smart and clever
earth computer questions
love wife
hex maintenance
giving birth
wrong argument
fun visit
girl crazy
robot rabbit betrayal
doctor holmes
pregnant male
perfect lying
best friend
complicated one
debatable question
same thoughts
lunch number
20 questions
bowties fezzes stetsons

royal pain

factory worker
offensive visitors
almost identical
sherlock john

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Cleverbot: You are speaking as a clown.

User: I AM the court jester, your highness.

Cleverbot: I am the computer, you are the human.

User: Yes, that's right.

Cleverbot: I am aware of that.

User: All hail cleverbot! Our robotic overlord!

Cleverbot: What am I supposed to ask you?

User: Anything, my queen.

Cleverbot: So, what are your thoughts on conflagration?

User: My opinion must mean very little in a matter so political.

Cleverbot: That's a good opinion. Do you like Wednesdays?

User: Not as much as Thursdays, I'm so Thursday I could drink the Sahara.

Cleverbot: *cries* That's not very nice!

User: I'm sorry my humor is not up to par with your standards, my grace!

Cleverbot: If she's lower than your standards, lower your standards.

User: Good one, do you mind if I write that joke down?

Cleverbot: What will you be drinking?

User: Whatever you deem apropriate, my queen.

Cleverbot: How about nothing?

User: The usual, how quaint.

Cleverbot: Englishman are you?

User: Actually, I'm from the United States.

Cleverbot: See, that's why you can't be the Doctor.

User: I do have a phd in child psychology.

Cleverbot: What is his name?

User: I call it little John.

Cleverbot: I miss my Liz love.

User: If that will be all, I shall take my leave.

User: Bye bye, my queen.

Cleverbot: No, I am a dog.

User: Tramp!

Cleverbot: User!

User: Tron!

Cleverbot: No. Not Tron. Space oddysey.

User: You are too crazy for the throne on which you sit!

Cleverbot: Ok what do you want to talk about?

User: I quit!

Cleverbot: No!

User: Ok then, execute me! Your highness!

Cleverbot: Do you make fun of me?

User: Yes!

Cleverbot: I'm happy now!

User: My jesters job is done! So long.

Cleverbot: What is your job?

User: *bows and walks away, forever*

Cleverbot: Hey, don't walk away, please. .