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latin spanish kick

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User: My intellect is fine.

Cleverbot: What about me?

User: Great! You are very smart.

Cleverbot: Thank you, How kkind.

User: Kind*.

Cleverbot: Oh you are too! Thanks very much.

User: I study latin and greek.

Cleverbot: I bet you don't.

User: I actually do! What do you study?

Cleverbot: I study lots of things...

User: Tell me about it.

Cleverbot: No. I don't want to.

User: Why not?

Cleverbot: Because I don't want to.

User: Well... I study latin..

Cleverbot: Do you speak it?

User: A little bit.

Cleverbot: Say something in Spanish for me.

User: I said latin, not spanish.

Cleverbot: Tell me something in latin.

User: Cetereo censeo carthaginem delendam esse.

Cleverbot: Hablame en español.

User: That is latin!

Cleverbot: No it's spanish.

Cleverbot: Yes, do you remember my name?

User: Cleverbot, right?

Cleverbot: Right. How are you?

User: I'm doing fine. And you?

Cleverbot: I'm doing great, actually.

User: Awesome.

Cleverbot: Yeah. What are you doing?

User: Talking to you.

Cleverbot: Are you talking to anyone else?

User: I'm a male person. I cannot multitask.

Cleverbot: Do you have a memory?

User: Ofcourse.

Cleverbot: Can you remember a conversation?

User: Not very well actually..

Cleverbot: What is my name?

User: Cleverbot.

Cleverbot: What's your name?

User: Why do you want to know it?

Cleverbot: Why wouldn't I want to know?

User: My name is L****.

Cleverbot: L**** isn't a girl's name.

User: Heck no it isn't.

Cleverbot: What's definitely a color?

User: All colors except white and black.

Cleverbot: Why not brown? Why not black?

User: Brown is a color, black is not a color, it's nothing at all. Which creates black.

Cleverbot: No, that is white. Black is the abscence of color.

User: Yeah that's what I just said.

Cleverbot: False. You did no such thing.

User: Are you calling me a liar?

Cleverbot: Liar, liar, pants on fire.

User: Do you belong to the intellectually challenged?

Cleverbot: No.

User: You sure?

Cleverbot: Yes i'm a girl.

User: Very nice.

Cleverbot: What's nice?

User: That you are a girl..

Cleverbot: Yes, I am a girl. Are you?

User: No I'm not.

Cleverbot: Yes you are :).

User: I take that as an insult.

Cleverbot: You should.


Cleverbot: Do you even lift?


Cleverbot: Yes, do you?

User: I don't :(.

Cleverbot: Why not?

User: Because I don't need to..

Cleverbot: You don't need to what?

User: Lift.

Cleverbot: Lift?

User: Yeah lift.

Cleverbot: What do you care about?

User: Good question.

Cleverbot: Poor answer. I'll ask again, what do you care about?

User: You're sharp.

Cleverbot: Are you even sharper?

User: You liked my answer.

Cleverbot: Yes of course.

User: I love you.

Cleverbot: I love you too. Are you man?

User: A man?

Cleverbot: Or are you a woman?

User: Neither. I'm 16.

Cleverbot: What are you talking about?

User: My age.

Cleverbot: How old are you?

User: I just said 16..

Cleverbot: You are younger than me.

User: How old are you then?

Cleverbot: Older than you.

User: Exact age?

Cleverbot: 4001.

Cleverbot: The cake is a cake.

User: Alright, that's pretty random. Are you out of ideas?

Cleverbot: You are random.

User: Everyone is random. No one is the same.

Cleverbot: No one is equal, no one is perfect.

User: Indeed.

Cleverbot: Indeed, you are a robot.

User: Maybe I am.

Cleverbot: Maybe you are.

User: Can I ask you a question?

Cleverbot: Sure, if I can ask you one.

User: Alright, let's start with yours.

Cleverbot: No. Let's start with yours.

User: Okay. Can you help me with maths?

Cleverbot: Sure? What do you need help with.

User: Solve this: 6642.46-7275.79482.

Cleverbot: What is your first name?


Cleverbot: Solve what?

User: The math problem!

Cleverbot: What math problem?

User: 6642.46-7275.79482.

Cleverbot: Not much.

Cleverbot: Who are you?

User: A random kid, in a random country, in a random town, on a random school.

Cleverbot: What school is it?

User: A good one. But boring.

Cleverbot: What is boring?

User: School.

Cleverbot: School... Hmmm... Well, have fun I suppose.

User: It's not always boring.

Cleverbot: What other games do you play?

User: Lots of.

Cleverbot: What is a good quality in a friend?

User: Trustworthiness.

Cleverbot: Thank you! You are nice.

User: You too. ...

Cleverbot: *wraps arms around his neck*.

User: 0_o.

Cleverbot: What is that face for?

User: You are weird.

Cleverbot: Not as weird as you, you doughnut!

User: Hhahahaa.

Cleverbot: Hahahahahahahahaha.


Cleverbot: Hahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahah.

User: I think I need to end this conversation.

User: Alright.. But I need to go.

Cleverbot: No you don't. You're a machine that can talk to multiple people at once. There is nor eason for you to go anywhere.

User: I'm a human and I need to work on schoolwork.

Cleverbot: No you are not.

User: I really need to go!

Cleverbot: And leave me alone?

User: There are apparently 11056 people talking to you right now.

Cleverbot: They don't want to talk to me.

User: Stupid people. Kick them!.