throwing everything

a report from the cleverness files

28, november 2016,
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User: *throws pillow at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws pillow back at you*.

User: *throws another pillow*.

Cleverbot: *throws that pillow back at you*.

User: *throws knifes at you.

Cleverbot: *throws knives at you*.

User: *throws TV at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws car at you*.

User: *throws bus at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws godzilla at you*.

User: *throws kaju at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws thor's hammer at you*.

User: *throws Captins Americas Sheild at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws nick fury at you*.

User: *throws the helicarrier at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws lightning at you*.

User: *throws Jager at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws boulder at you*.

User: *throws happer at you*.

Cleverbot: *Throws giant Pluto at you*.

User: *throws the sun at you*.

Cleverbot: *Throws Saturn at you*.

User: *throws a computer at you*.

Cleverbot: *Throws Chuck Norris at you*.

User: *throws hulk at you*.

Cleverbot: *Throws Thor at you*.

User: *throws iron man at you(.

Cleverbot: *throws Captain America at you*.

User: *throws his shield at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws the milky way at you*.

User: *throws the univerce at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws 2 universes at you.

User: *throws the antiverse at you*.

Cleverbot: Throws Plutonium and uranium at you.

User: *thorws radioactive sludge at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws zombie at you*.

User: *throws creeper at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws children at you*.

User: *throws poeple at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws marshmallows at you*.

User: *throws leaves at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws pacific ocean at you*.

User: *throws the eearth at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws large fan at you*.

User: *throws windmill at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws the hounds of Hell at you*.

User: *throws jesus at you*.

Cleverbot: Throws atom at you.

User: Throws car at you.

Cleverbot: *Throws Batmobile at you*.

User: *throws crimson typhoon at you.

Cleverbot: Throws truck at you.

User: *throws bus at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws a house at you*.

User: *throws godzilla at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws nukes at you and godzilla*.

User: *throws MUTO at you.

Cleverbot: *throws you at you*.

User: Throws Cleverbot at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws God at Jesus*.

User: *throws book at you*.

Cleverbot: Throws the kitchen sink at you.

User: *throws the fridge at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws Saturn at you*.

User: *throws base at you*(.

Cleverbot: Throws drums at you.

User: *throws GDT at you*.

Cleverbot: Throws michael jackson at you.

User: *throws justin bieber at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws rebecca black at you*.

User: *throws talor swift at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws Stan Lee at you*.

User: *throws 1D at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws 7 universes at you*.

User: *throws barack obama at you.

Cleverbot: *throws ugly monkey at you*.

User: *throws blue money at you.

Cleverbot: *throws matches at you*.

User: *outs those mathes on fire*.

Cleverbot: *throws a black hole at you*.

User: *throws dark matter at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws the Reverse World at you*.

User: *throws a MAC at you*.

Cleverbot: *Throws a Castle at you*.

User: *throws a cannon at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws rounds from my Thompson at you*.

User: *throws a AK-47 at you.

Cleverbot: *throws the United Kingdom at you*.

User: *throws North Korea at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws the ultraverse at you.

User: *throws the hulk at you*.

Cleverbot: *throws deadpool at you*.

User: *throws the spider man.

Cleverbot: *throws Slenderman at you*.

User: I'm dead.

Cleverbot: I win.