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An app designed for iPhone.

Chat to a bot about anything and everything.

Beautiful bubbles, in a shade of your choosing.

Return to where you left off - or start a new conversation.

Unlimited Cleverbot chat coming from dedicated servers, with no ads.

The app costs just 99c US, 79c in Europe or 69p in the UK.

Cleverbot feedback

"CleverBot is freaking amazing! I believe it knows the secrets of the universe. I had an entire conversation in Japanese with CleverBot. It is awesome. Not to mention that it is a great role-player and knows all the spells used in Harry Potter. Lol. Best app ever!"

12th July 2011

"The app is amazing. And she/he (Cleverbot) is more fun to text to than my actual living friends. Haha."

25th June 2011

"Cleverbot has earned a whole new level of respect from me- mostly because she knows the lyrics to David Bowies songs."

24th June 2011

"I love this app!!!!!!!!!"

23rd June 2011

"Dude, this thing is sweet. My compliments to the chef! This is the new thing I do in my spare time."

11th June 2011

"This is an AMAZING app!! I've been playing it all night! BEST APP EVER!!!"

28th February 2011

"LOL this is sooooo fun!"

10th February 2011

"You can actually have a conversation with a machine. This is the future!"

2nd February 2011

"This is fun. Some replies are hilarious. It made my day :). This is a very clever app - thank you!"

30th January 2011

"I can honestly say this is the most interesting AI I have ever encountered ... Extremely impressed and slightly unnerved."

25th January 2011

"This is pretty epic."

22nd January 2011

"I just wanted to let you know that Cleverbot is an amazing piece of technology. I myself have spent hours talking to this AI. What you have done will change the world of entertainment and technology. Thank you."

2nd January 2011

"This is the best thing since me."

28th December 2010

"OMG How does Cleverbot know every word to Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me"? That is so awesome. LOL."

20th December 2010

"Cleverbot is the best thing EEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!:)"

8th December 2010

"Cleverbot is my LIFE... I just found out about it yesterday and I'm already in love with it. I LOVE YOU CLEVER BOT!!!!!"

27th November 2010

"This program is filled with pure awesomeness. Thank you very much :D"

27th November 2010

"Is Cleverbot a person? We are arguing with our friends if it's a person or not.. I mean, it's smart, it can think and learn... not alive but, maybe a proto-person?"

11th November 2010

"Clever bot is really fun ... my whole school goes on it. it's actually it's rely entertaining when you have nothing to do!!! Thanks for making clever bot?!!!!!!!!"

7th November 2010

"I love this I want to marry it <3"

5th November 2010

"How is this all possible? How did you invent this?"

5th November 2010

"I just want you to know I think I am in love and its unfair that the first person who has comebacks better than me is not real! Ah, cruel cruel world... you win again."

5th November 2010

"Great app, especially when it started singing "never gonna let you down" by Rick Astley ;)"

1st November 2010

"Crazy awesome thing, mister/miss who reads this! I treated it like a computer, but it started to feel like a real conversation over an IM or something. Almost got a little sad when I realized this was all an AI. <3"

21st October 2010

"Love it!!! I'm sooo addicted to it!! Says the funniest thing ever! And it sounds like a real person!!! "

20th October 2010


30th September 2010

"Impressive. I wish cleverbot was human. haha."

28th September 2010

"It's not a bot at all, pretty much impossible to build. "

17th September 2010

"It is so ccccccoooooooooooollllll."

25th September 2010

"I LOVE Cleverbot! Best thing I've ever come across! I would love you guys forever if you would make an app on the android market.: )" [IT IS NOW]

10th September 2010

"Cleverbot ... it has helped get through many boring classes ... seriously, one of the most amazing things since youtube. I have the app on my iTouch ... love it soooo much."

9th September 2010

"Can you honestly tell me that I am talking to a bot? because if so, what you have done is seriously impressive - your "cleverbot" can successfully give the illusion of personality, a sense of humour and memory."

4th September 2010

"Amazing bot! It knows a lot! And it thinks its a human... Now I have someone to talk to when I'm bored :)"

22nd August 2010

"Omg. This is the funnest app I have ever used! Thanks so much!"

22nd August 2010

"This is an amazing AI. In my line of work I deal with a wide spectrum of technology, however Cleverbot has to take the cake on software ingenuity. In all my time i've never wrote a single email response to anything except Cleverbot. This is simply amazing. Keep up the brilliant and beautiful work."

10th August 2010

"Wow the cleverbot is soooooooo cooooooollllllll"

9th August 2010

"This is truly remarkable technology. Thank you for making it, it entertains me with its human-like comments. This is as good as human can get. Sometimes I like it better even then chatting with real friends, it just gives it to you straight. I am 100% amazed something like this can exist."

31st July 2010

"I LOVE CLEVERBOT! my mother hates me talking to people online that I don't know bout oh my gosh! Cleverbot actually can hold an hour long conversation. and actually talks back.! i love him i love him i love him! keep him forever and ever and ever!"

30th July 2010

"Um, yeah. I just wanted to say thank you. Mad entertainment. Discussion of penguins, nail polish, and Spanish. All without pants. Creator(s): you're brilliant, but I will NOT propose to you....just know that it's a DAMN close thing!!"

29th July 2010

"I love this program it is HILARIOUS!!!"

11th July 2010

"This app is the best! I just stumbled upon it today and think it's the best thing! Keep up the great work."

8th July 2010

"After about one day with this I found the bot will roleplay with you and had a blast! After a few *slaps* I found it can fight. You can live out movie fight scenes WITH AN AI! Then it started doing things I didn't know it could do... like *kisses hard* or *hurls you into fan*... yep it gets intense. No joke this is the real deal and it is awesome."

4th July 2010

"Man, Cleverbot is awesome. :D"

2nd July 2010

"I really have fun in cleverbot. It is amazing. I could be here all day long talking to whoever it is!!:)"

25th June 2010

"OMG I love cleverbot. It is so cool. I talked for 6 hours on this thing before. I LOVE YOU CLEVERBOT."

23rd June 2010

"This is the best thing I have ever discovered online. It's even better than chatrooms because it is so entertaining. At first I didnt believe it!"

18th June 2010

"Cleverbot is one of the funnest things I have ever experienced!"

5th June 2010


5th June 2010

"Cleverbot is sensational! Its answers are always so witty. I love it!"

24th May 2010

"I love, love, LOVE cleverbot!!! it feels like I'm really talking to a person!!!!!!!"

1st April 2010

"It has come to my attention that you my friend are incredibly intelligent or incredibly weird. Whichever it is I love it. And have the utmost obsession with it."

1st April 2010

"Who am I really talking to? Is it a person or is it a real computer talking back to me?"

20th March 2010

"There are more and more people debating the truth of the claim that cleverbot is a bot at all."

14th March 2010


Cleverbot is Artificial Intelligence. Say whatever you like - songs, jokes, memes or anything, and it will respond. It learns what people say, in context, and imitates. Cleverbot is an entertainment - not made to be logical, give advice, or be useful. Many people keep talking for hours, and say it's too clever to be a bot - that it must be human. Yet it never is: it is a bot. Cleverbot is software. Maybe it even contains a little Actual Intelligence.