Cleverbot Privacy Policy

Effective June 1st, 2014



We take protecting your privacy seriously, and we want you to understand exactly how and why we use your information. This document is our Privacy Policy, which describes what information we collect and what it's used for. It applies to all interactions with However, other services we operate - such as Cleverbot apps - have their own terms, and you should review them on each store's respective website.


Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Your use of and/or registration with Cleverbot will constitute your agreement to our policy. If you cannot agree, please do not use our services. Additionally, our Privacy Policy is part of our User Agreement, and by using Cleverbot you agree to both.



Cleverbot is an open platform that allows you to chat about anything you want on any topic you want. If you register we collect some information for your account you, and other information that is necessary to make the service work. Our goal in developing our privacy practices is to allow your participation to remain as anonymous as you choose, and we don't sell or profit from the information you share with us.


We do take efforts to make sure the platform keeps working. This includes using your information, where necessary, to stop spam and gaming and other activities that violate the user agreement. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. It describes what information we collect, how it is used, and when it is shared so you can make smart decisions about how you use Cleverbot! We think it strikes a good balance and respects you - our users - who make this whole thing possible. Let us know what you think.



When you create an account, you are required to provide a username and password, and a valid email address. We also log, and retain the IP address from which the account is initially created.


The chats you hold and other content you contribute at are not private, even if made or displayed on a part of the site not readily accessible to the public. This means that Cleverbot may record, learn from and later re-use words, phrases and complete utterences from your conversations when talking with others at a later date or time. It also means that content is by default not deleted from our servers - ever - and may still be accessible after your account is deleted.


Messages that you post as 'snips' or 'replies' at are generally only viewable by other people who follow you, but they may become visible to the broader public if they become popular - if they are 'starred'. They may be accessed internally as needed for community support, and may be edited or removed at our discretion. We keep a complete log of all such messages sent on our service.


Cleverbot stores the IP addresses associated with specific accounts, and temporarily, with each conversation held.


Log data is certain information that is automatically collected by our systems when you visit Cleverbot, including the type of software used to access the site (browser, operating system), the address of the external or internal page that referred you, and your IP address. This information may be recorded even if you are signed out of your account.



It takes a lot of work to keep our site running and prevent abuse, and we sometimes use your data in order to facilitate this. Your information is used internally only where necessary to provide our services. Your private information is never for sale.


Our use of your information is limited to improving your experience of the service, and promoting its appeal to a wider public. We may choose to display excerpts of your conversations, or of messages you post, on the site, in promotional material, or in other media such as social networks. If we do so we will ensure that you will not be personally identifiable, editing if appropriate. We recommend that you never do make yourself wholly identifiable when convering with Cleverbot.


Advertisers that place advertisements at may target their ads to a topic, or may make offers based on your IP address or cookies. We do not sell or otherwise give access to any information about identifiable users to any third party. Anonymous, aggregated information that cannot be linked back to an individual user may be made available to third parties. Cleverbot will not disclose your personal information unless required by law.


Other extraordinary circumstances may require disclosure: we may also disclose your information when we believe it's necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm to a person; to address fraud, security, or spam; or to protect our rights or property.



Cookies are small data files placed on your computer by websites you visit in order to help them remember certain information about you. At Cleverbot, we set only a few cookies for tracking user preferences, past conversations, authentication, and collecting anonymous analytics data. Additionally, our advertising partners set cookies. Each of these uses is described in greater detail below. We do not allow other parties to collect personally identifiable information from users of Cleverbot.


If you are signed out, Cleverbot will place a simple cookie so as to 'remember' the content of your conversation. Cleverbot will not place a cookie that remembers your account id after you have signed out.


When you sign in to your account, Cleverbot will place a cookie for the sole purpose of creating this session. It contains your user id and hashed authentication information.


We sometimes partner with advertisers to show our users third party banner or other forms of ads. Some cookies may be placed during the provision of these ads pursuant to a advertisers' privacy policies.


Most browsers include an option to clear existing cookies or reject new ones. However, if you do this, portions of the Cleverbot website may not function as intended.



We use a tool called Google Analytics to help us understand how users interact with our website. It tells us aggregate usage and traffic information, such as how the site was accessed, how long visitors stayed, and the number of first-time visitors to the site. By knowing how people use the site, we can make it better. To learn more about Google Analytics and how it uses your data, please visit


You may choose to delete your Cleverbot account at any time. The usernames associated with deleted accounts may remain unavailable for others to use, and your public profile becomes no longer visible to Cleverbot users. However, the chats and content you made during your tenure as a Cleverbot user will not be automatically deleted as part of the account removal process, though your username will be publicly disassociated with all conversations.


Cleverbot will make every effort to secure any private information submitted to us by our users. However, no data transmission over the internet is completely secure, so we cannot guarantee the absolute security of this data. You use the service at your own risk, and are responsible for taking reasonable measures to secure your account (such as carefully maintaining the secrecy of your password).


Cleverbot is run by a UK-based company whose servers are housed in the United Kingdom. All personal information we collect from our international users is transferred to the United Kingdom and processed according to English law. We may choose to house servers in other countries or locations additionally.


Although we welcome users from all walks of life, Cleverbot is not aimed at children. Individuals under the age of 13 may not create an account with us. If you believe someone 12 or younger is using our site without parental consent, please contact us.



Cleverbot's mobile apps provide a unique and convenient way to experience Cleverbot. This portion of our privacy policy describes the information our apps collect, how we use it, and how it all fits in with the Cleverbot you're already familiar with. There are some kinds of data additional to the above, collected by our apps.


Our apps collect information about how you use them, including the Cleverbot content you look at. This information is viewable from within each app and is collected even if you are not signed in to your Cleverbot account. Activity history will not be linked to your Cleverbot account if you are not signed in.


We want to make our apps better over time by learning how groups of users interact with them. Using analytics software, we learn aggregate information about traffic patterns, popular features, and what causes app crashes.


Cleverbot only uses and discloses your information for the same limited set of purposes and circumstances as described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy.


If you enable app notifications, you can choose to receive timely updates about things like new private messages, interactions with your comments, and more.


If you delete a Cleverbot app from your mobile device, any app-specific information stored on your device will be deleted from your device. If you have backed up your device's apps, Cleverbot app information may continue to exist where you have backed it up.



The site and Cleverbot apps allow you to post to social media, including Facebook or Twitter, but Cleverbot will not connect to the servers of those services, share information with those services, or post on your behalf. We want to make it easier for you to share your favorite Cleverbot content elsewhere, but we want you to control when and how that occurs.



Please keep in mind that this privacy policy does not apply to other apps, even though they can feature content from the Cleverbot site.


We reserve the right to change this policy to meet the changing needs of Cleverbot, or for any other reason. If changes substantially alter your rights, notice will appear prominently on the site.


At Cleverbot we welcome questions, concerns, and feedback about this policy. Please feel free to contact us.