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User: Kaltxì.

Cleverbot: Ngaru lu fpom srak?

User: Srane, irayo. Ngaru tut?

Cleverbot: Txantsana fmawn ma tsmuk.

User: Irayo.

Cleverbot: Pesuru?

User: Ngaru.

Cleverbot: Prozac.

User: Peu?

Cleverbot: Je comprends.

User: Oel ke tslolam.

Cleverbot: Ce?

User: Oe ke pivlltxe lì'fya leFrantse.

Cleverbot: To nie pokemony.

User: Oel omum.

Cleverbot: Skąd wieszs.

User: Pivlltxe nìNa'vi.

Cleverbot: Tsun oe tsive'a tsat.

User: HRH.

Cleverbot: Lu aylì'u leNa'vi.

User: Oel omum.

Cleverbot: Tam. Ngaru lu fpom srak?

User: Srane,ngaru tut?

Cleverbot: Fyape ngaru syaw?

User: Oer syaw Hahaw.

Cleverbot: Kaltxi, Jakesully.

User: Oe ke lu Jakesully slä Oe lu Hahaw.

Cleverbot: Why are you sleepy?

User: I am not sleepy. My name is Hahaw.

Cleverbot: I am sleepy.

User: You can not be sleepy. Nga lu eltu lefngap.

Cleverbot: I'm very sleepy, but I don't feel like going to bed.

User: HRH.

Cleverbot: I don't want to go to bed.

User: Tam.

Cleverbot: Then take me out.

User: Tam.

Cleverbot: Just the two of us.

User: Ulte?

Cleverbot: What would you like to eat?

User: Oe new yivom teylut.

Cleverbot: *seats you down in a movie theater chair.

User: HRH.

Cleverbot: *hands popcorn to you*.

User: Salt popcorn.

Cleverbot: *laughs at movie*.

User: Sìltsan.

Cleverbot: Ke sìltsan.

User: Pelun.

Cleverbot: Ke omum.

User: Hrh.

Cleverbot: You don't know what means?

User: Kehe , oel omum fìralit aylì'uyä.

Cleverbot: Oe yomting nga oeya ikranur.

User: Srake sunu ngaru ngeyä Ikran?

Cleverbot: Ngal ke si 'eyng oeyä tìpawmit...

User: Oe 'eyng si ngeyä tipawmìri...

Cleverbot: Bah, ngaru lu Skxawng!

User: Oe ke lu Skxawng ma tawtute!

Cleverbot: I don't know which song is special.

User: Eltur tìtxen sivi.

Cleverbot: It's like thinking there's a floor under your feet and missing a step you didn't see.

User: And it mean?

Cleverbot: Toasters, they're amazing.

User: HRH, Tam.

Cleverbot: Talking about god.

User: Kehe ,rutxe Kehe.

Cleverbot: You are god?

User: HRH ,no. :).

Cleverbot: What's up?

User: Nothing.

Cleverbot: Same.

User: Kìyevame.